Work Culture


At Tudip, employees hold the key and our corporate credo is “Employee First”. That is the reason why all our policies point towards the betterment of our employees and they are centre of all we do. We are one “One Tudip family”; all of us stand for each other.Our work culture is very open where every employee can approach manager without any prior appointments for personal/professional talks. We are Equal Opportunities Company. Everyone in Tudip – from new recruit to the Director – is treated the same. All employees receive the same workspace, amount of employee leave time, benefits and other allowances. We believe respect is not taken but given by heart.

At Tudip, you join an elite new class of empowered employees. We offer you the freedom to live and work the way you want to. Our flexi-time policy allows you to decide when to work and upholds expectations for a balanced lifestyle. Mutual trust and respect define our employee relationships. There is no enforced dress code – we understand that attire has little bearing on your integrity. We spare no effort to create a work environment that is flexible, informal, supportive and empowering.