Migrate TestFlight App to iTunesConnect

Migrate TestFlight App to iTunesConnect



24 June 2016

As we all know that testflightapp.com will shutdown on 02/26/2015 so we have to move all our team’s contact information to itunesconnect.apple.com so please follow mentioned steps below:

  • Steps for TestFlightapp.com
    • Sign in to the TestFlight Dashboard at testflightapp.com migration1-1024x467
    • Choose your team from the list teams from right-top corner dropdown.  mi2-1024x407
    • Navigate to the “People” tab which shows the list of teammates mig3-1024x410
    • Select the teammates you would like to export for adding them to iTunesConnect  mig4-1024x414
    • Open the “Actions” menu on the right side of the teammates list and click on “Export Contact Info” to download the exported CSV file. mig5-1024x459
    • Save the export in the some folder in your system.
  • Step for iTunesConnect
    1. Sign in to iTunes Connect at itunesconnect.apple.com mig6-1024x447 mig7-1024x576
    2. Click “My Apps” mig8-1024x578
    3. Create your new app and fill in all details, choose bundle Id from drop down and click on create.  png-1024x573
    4. Enter the “Prerelease” tab and select “External Testers” and Click the plus sign to add new external testers. png-1-1024x577
    5. Use the “Import File” from the “Add New External Testers” page to upload the exported CSV file. mig11-1024x423
    6. After completion of importing the list, it will be shown as below. mig122-1024x423

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