Quick overview of Database Testing

Quick overview of Database Testing

16 October 2020

Database testing includes performance checks related to the database, validating the data in the database, testing the procedures, data integration testing, procedures testing in the database. In short.

An Example:

  • If a user registers in any application then his/her information gets stored in Database. Then we need to check that his/her correct data is getting stored in the Database and no information of the user is getting lost.
  • Unauthorized access of the user information should be prohibited.
  • All the success or completed transaction of the user should be stored and unsuccess or uncompleted transaction should be aborted by the application

Why do we need to perform database testing?

There are multiple reasons why database testing needs to be performed. It can be needed to perform data integrity with the application, validation of the data and to check data consistency in the database because the backend is responsible to store the data of the users.

Database Testing Types

Database testing can be divided mainly into three categories:

  • Structural Testing – It deals with the row, column, schema testing, procedure testing etc.
  • Functional Testing – This involves all the functional testing like White Box testing, Black Box testing etc.
  • Non-Functional Testing – This involves all the testing like Stress testing, load testing etc.


What are the different steps involved in database testing?

These are steps that we need to follow while performing database testing:

  • All the data in the database must be verified properly.
  • Verify that if the constraints are maintained.
  • The performance of the procedures must be checked properly.
  • Roll back and commit of transaction must be checked.

Process of database testing

Process of database testing is like the testing process of the other application i.e:

  • First Setting up the environment on which we want to test
  • Running a test/ scenario
  • Check the test result
  • Validating the actual result with the expected results
  • Report the founding of the results.


Database testing challenges

To test a database a tester must collect all the requirements i.e whether its technical or functional requirements. When the requirement is too large to be tested then a tester needs to break the requirement in smaller parts because testing the database is a complex task for any tester and has to face many challenges while testing.

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