The top technology trends for 2021

The top technology trends for 2021

22 January 2021

The top technology trends for 2021 are:

  1. Internet of Behaviours
  2. Distributed cloud
  3. Privacy-enhancing computation
  4. Anywhere operations
  5. Cybersecurity mesh

Internet of Behaviours

The Internet of Behavior stretches out from the Internet of Things, the interconnection of gadgets that outcomes in a tremendous assortment of new information sources.

It combines the technologies which are focusing directly on — facial recognition, location tracking, and big data — collects all the information associated with behavior events, device usage.

Associations can utilize this information to impact human conduct. For instance, to screen consistency with wellbeing conventions during the ongoing pandemic, associations may use IoB through PC vision to see whether representatives are wearing veils or through warm imaging to distinguish those with a fever.

Distributed cloud

Distributed cloud is the distribution of public cloud services to different physical locations while the activity, administration, and development of the administrations remain the obligation of the public cloud supplier. It gives an agile climate to authoritative situations with low-idleness, information cost-decrease needs, and information residency necessities. It additionally addresses the requirement for clients to have distributed computing assets closer to the actual area where information and business exercises occur.

In the future, the Distributed cloud can replace the private cloud and provide more use cases over cloud computing. It will represent the future of cloud computing.

Privacy-enhancing computation

A privacy-enhancing technology (PET) is a way of protecting data. It allows users to protect their privacy i.e. PII. PETs use various techniques to ensure that users won’t lose their data. Unlike other data-at-rest security controls, privacy-enhancing computation protects data in use while maintaining secrecy or privacy.

Anywhere operations

This refers to an operation model created to support customers anywhere in the world. It makes it easy for employees to manage business services across the infrastructure. It’s like interacting with the customers virtually and unique value-add experience: secure access, automation to remote operation, enhancing the digital experience for the customers.

In the future, the organization will apply these operations to deliver the best experience for customers virtually and physically anywhere.

Cybersecurity mesh

The Cybersecurity mesh ensures access to any digital assets securely. No matter the location of the asset.

Due to COVID-19, it has accelerated the process of turning the enterprise inside out. Most organizational assets are outside physical and security boundaries. So cybersecurity has become the most important thing to ensure secure access to anyone and anywhere in the world.

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