Tudip’s 14th Foundation Day – Much More than Just Celebrations

Tudip’s 14th Foundation Day – Much More than Just Celebrations

09 April 2024

The 14th Foundation Day of Tudip was celebrated with joy, fun, and a nostalgic round back to some unforgettable memories including achievements. This anniversary was special in several ways as most of the activities that made this foundation day an event to remember were not just for fun but had a deep meaning underlying them. As we uncover the hidden logic behind the activities, let us know in the comment section which one you liked the most.

  • 14 Pledges
    The foundation day celebration kick-started with the 14 pledges, which include: client obsession, growth, collaboration, integrity, diversity & inclusiveness, innovation, customer delight, sustainability, agility, transparent communication, ownership, top-notch quality, impactful delivery and continuous learning. Each word itself defines the core values Tudip believes in, and how we are injecting the same into our day-to-day professional lives to create a positive difference in society, industry, and clients’ businesses. Keeping the pledge at the beginning was to showcase the priority of work ethics in Tudip’s culture.
    14 Pledges
  • CEO & CTO Addressed Team Tudip
    Tudip believes in its team and never misses a chance to appreciate, encourage, and motivate them. A special message from CEO & CTO held high the spirit of Tudipians and ensured once again why Tudip is one close-knit family. Their address was the icing on the cake. It reaffirms to the employees the top management is with them and is accessible whenever they need it. This trait of Tudip makes it stand different from the crowd.
    CEO & CTO Addressed Team Tudip
  • Tech-Based Fashion Show
    This unique idea was to showcase the level of creativity we possess. The formation, the posture, and the ramp walk were all designed to reflect the key characteristics of different technologies. It also shows the supremacy of Tudip in understanding different tools & techniques and the way we interpret them.

    Tech-Based Fashion Show

  • Then and Now
    This was a heartwarming experience for everyone, especially for the individuals who have been with Tudip for long. Here, we showed how we have achieved so many milestones in a relatively lesser period than others in the industry. It also left everyone assuming where we would find ourselves in the next five years with Tudip. It not only generated a sense of pride in every Tudipian but also assured them that their future would keep shining bright in Tudip.
  • Dance, DJ & Songs
    Well it is a no-brainer that all these stand for fun and groove, but we have a different meaning to it too. We not only rejoice in our success but the clients’ successes too because we believe in customer delight. Every move and every song was also a sign of the efforts that we put in to make things happen for our valuable clientele.
    Dance, DJ & Songs


The celebration started with the pledge and concluded with the dance steps ensuring that we are committed and ready to make the next big move. Several other activities were a part of the celebrations, and we will cover the same in the next part of the blog as we dive deeper into the motive of the celebrations and how well we have pulled it.

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