Using Topic Models to Support Software Maintenance

Using Topic Models to Support Software Maintenance

29 September 2021

It is a hectic and time-consuming procedure at the time to develop software application testing. It would help if you took all the measures for maintenance purposes. It is sensible and important to do so. Software maintenance is an essential part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It involves a process in which the developers do the modification and update of the software. They make the application ready without any issues for the delivery purpose on time. The maintenance of software development purpose is to preserve its value. It is for the following purposes that include:

  • The company is looking to increase its consumer base.
  • Employees can learn about the new technology through the machine learning blog.
  • Omit all the obsolete capabilities at the time of software development.
  • Encourage the use of the latest technology.

Software Maintenance & its Categories

The simple process of software maintenance includes optimization, correction of errors, and enhancing all the software’s existing features. These are the demanding things in the software industry. Different types of maintenance involved in software development are as follows:

  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Adaptive Maintenance
  • Perfective Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance

Challenges involvement in the software maintenance process

These days it is becoming essential to do the maintenance of the software frequently. It requires extreme efforts to do the proper maintenance. It would be best if you had experts who know the latest software engineering and programming trends for testing purposes. Additionally, the programmers need to face other challenges that include the execution of software maintenance. It makes the time of process costly and time-consuming. Some challenges that the developers encounter during the software maintenance process are:

  • It isn’t easy to find a person who has the complete knowledge and skill to do software development and maintenance.
  • A person should remain active about the tips of mobile design.
  • However, the original author does not do maintaining the software. It causes confusion and misinterpretation of the information.
  • In software maintenance, the most difficult thing is the gap of information between the developer and the user.
  • All the software system has not properly designed to do its frequent maintenance.

Software Maintenance Process

The most important phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is software maintenance. There is a proper system available for it. Moreover, there are around seven steps in the software maintenance process.

  • Identification: You can identify the software modification and analyze it. The team assesses the modification required in the systems.
  • Analysis: The software development team checks and validates all the modification requests. It involves the inputs to prepare regarding the estimation of the resources for the software system.
  • Designing: It is important to do the replacement and modification in the software codes. It happens in the early stages of the software development process.
  • Implementation: Modification of the software code conducted in the implementation-testing phase. Developers do the addition of the specification in the new systems.
  • Test the system: Regression testing is to check that the software system should not have any defects and bugs. Integration testing has been conducted in the new modules and systems of the software.
  • Accepting testing: The main purpose of acceptance testing is to verify all the features present in the software before delivering the software.
  • Delivery of software: The software is ready for delivery when the developers’ team completes the testing. The user gets all the information about the software in the manuals. The client does the final testing of the software at the time of the delivery.

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