How Priyanka Risbud made it to Tudip

Priyanka Risbud
Japanese Language Expert
Published Apr 24, 2021

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Priyanka Risbud here.

I have completed my Mechanical Engineering from Aurangabad and also have completed Japanese Language JLPT Level N3.

I worked in the Japanese MNC NHK at the very start of my career. I got married later and had a baby in the year 2016. I have been working at Tudip since 3 years as a Japanese Language Expert for Google Qwiklabs customer support project.

Can you talk us through your role at Tudip?

I have been working at Tudip as a Japanese Language Expert for Google Qwiklabs customer support project for 3 years. Also, I am currently on board on Google. I handle the customer queries from Japan. We receive tickets (emails) from customers and also provide the live chat support.

These queries cover a wide range of fields. Customers ask questions related to Qwiklabs account, password related issues, GCP learning, subscriptions, etc. I translate the user message for our agents and get the solution from them. I translate the solution into Japanese language and send it to the user.

After the 3 years of experience in this project, I am able to provide the solutions to customers by myself except some critical issues.

Can you tell us about your decision to apply to Tudip?

I got the information regarding the job opening for Japanese language expert at Tudip from Vishvesh Joshi, (the former employee at Tudip). I immediately decided to apply for the job at Tudip as I knew about the company from Vishvesh. Also, it was a good opportunity to start working in the IT field with a renowned company. I also read more about Tudip, thus about Dipti ma’am and Tushar sir along with the work culture. After that, I was very keen to work at Tudip and I decided to apply for the job opportunity. Fortunately, I got employed and happily worked till date.

How did you start your career post motherhood?

It was a very tough decision to start the job after delivering the baby. With no one at home to take care of the baby, I stayed unemployed for 1.5 years. Meanwhile, I took the Japanese language classes and did some freelance Japanese translation-interpretation projects.

But, at last I decided to be firm and listen to my mind, who was constantly suggesting me for a steady job. Afterall, to work in the corporate world with my Engineering and Japanese Language skills is my ambition and I could not live without it.

I started applying for jobs along with searching for daycare facilities for my baby. Fortunately, I came across the job opportunity at Tudip and also could find a good daycare for my baby.

In this way, I started my job at Tudip and my son started at daycare at the age of 1.5 years.

What were the challenges you faced and how did Tudip help you in Managing all?

It was very difficult at the start as the baby was so small and I had to keep checking with the daycare regarding his behaviour. Also, the baby used to get sick at times and daycare personnels would call me up to take the baby to the Doctor.

At Tudip, I was always allowed to leave early or have an off in such emergencies and I am so very thankful for the same. I used to get worried regarding managing all such hardships after joining the corporate job but thankfully, after joining the Tudip it was never a big problem for me.

With the constant help and motivation from the leads, I could manage all the fronts i.e. Office and House in a good way.

How Was the Support Provided by Tudip and your colleagues? 

As stated earlier, my leads and teammates at Tudip were very supportive. They helped me understand the Qwiklabs product and encouraged me to do better. Looking at the hardworking agents and supporting leads, I was always inspired to give my best.

What Suggestions do you have for aspiring women?

My suggestion for aspiring women is just be yourself and listen to what your heart says. We, being women, have immense power to overcome all the hurdles in life. We can manage well and plan the things when it comes to household work or the office work. I think the family, children are our powerhouses and don’t ever let them be your weakness, stopping you to move ahead in your professional life. Be yourself, you can do it!