We losing a lot of clients as there is lack of reminders for appointments.


Zenefic is a simple application for your business to send Voice Call or Text (SMS) reminders to your clients about their appointments and receive their confirmation. It will help you reduce your appointment no-show rate and protect your revenue by sending automated reminders.


If your business relies on appointment reservations, then you know that your clients – who also lead very busy lives sometimes forget about their appointments. This costs you revenue and causes disruptions in your schedule. You could remind them prior to their appointments, but that means spending more time on the phone than serving them. That’s when Zenefic helps you to send those reminders automatically.
In result you:

  • Save your time by sending automatic appointment reminders
  • Increase your revenue by fixing appointment no-show problem
  • Provide great experience to your clients with personalized reminders
  • Voice Call & SMS reminders are more effective than Email reminders
  • Voice Call reminders are useful for both landline and cell phones