Our Quality Assurance service keeps the focus on delivering positive business outcomes. Digital businesses need the lights on all the time on their infrastructure, operations and all customer-facing applications and thus Quality assurance of these applications is much more a business need in keeping customers and stakeholders happy and delivering outcomes and not so much about testing software applications. Whether it is regulatory compliance, customer experience transformation or remaining competitive in the market our quality assurance services play a critical role.

Enabling Business Transformation Through Comprehensive Quality Assurance Solutions

Tudip’s Assurance Services provide an incomparable suite of services and solutions that empower organizations to provide best-in-class IT application quality and superior client experiences

Focus on business outcomes

Business Transformation Assurance addresses business outcomes, and not just application quality, but business process quality.

  • Business Process Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Package Testing

Enablement of high quality digital technologies

In the digital era, technology is the front runner of all business plans.
The best plans are laid to rest without a high quality technology run.
We run assurance programs on the entire gamut of digital technologies, and traditional technologies towards smooth business processes

  • Mobility Testing
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Testing
  • Big Data Testing
  • API/ Service/ Microservices Testing

Give assurance, smartly

We bring in Intelligence and Automation to Quality Assurance, using cognitive thinking and a lifecycle approach to automation.

  • Quality Insights
  • Automated Business Process Testing
  • DevOps/ Agile Testing
  • BOT Assisted Testing

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our assurance solutions focus on enhancing customer experience, by ensuring better performance, security, usability and accessibility.

  • Performance Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Security Testing

Predictable and Consistent Assurance

Managed Quality Assurance Services enables proactive assurance that identifies the problems before they affect business. This model makes the assurance much more business driven and proactive. It is consistent – hence predictable, flexible and scalable, and thus overall cost effective. It enables heightened transparency.

  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • Transparency
  • Better Reporting

Quality Assurance Services

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