Organizational values are more important today than at any other time in history because the personal and social context within which business operates is changing and Core Values reflect that. We understand that in today’s dynamic environment who we are as an organization, and what we stand for are as important as what we sell. Core Values are our guiding lights and enduring tenets – a small set of general guiding principles and cannot be compromised for financial gain or short term expediency. As our tag line suggests – “Integrity, Innovation, Serenity” are Tudip Values and that is our value proposition to our clients.



We foster a culture of transparency and ownership in our collective conduct. We are accountable for our thoughts, actions and communication. All our Values are “non-negotiable” and can/will not be compromised for personal or corporate gains. We consistently apply moral & principled behaviour in all our transactions, which builds trust and honesty.



We believe in “doing different things, and doing them differently”. We understand & thrive on the need to carve out a niche for ourselves. We value entrepreneurship oriented culture and it is very important that we continually innovate in whatever we think, do and deliver to our customers. All employees are encouraged to keep a constructive and optimistic mindset to work towards solution.



We harbour client relationships that are mutually valued and made to last a lifetime. Our endeavour is always to work for a “win-win” situation – essentially work for long term mutually rewarding partnerships. We believe we are successful when our customers make business gains. Our strategies are geared to expanding the business of our clients and meeting their objectives. Our ultimate focus is to provide client a peace of mind.