Tudip Technologies, CMMI l3 company- Providing superior Software services since a Decade

Tudip Technologies, CMMI l3 company- Providing superior Software services since a Decade

Tudip Technologies, a CMMI l3 company and one of the best companies to work for,today celebrates its 10th anniversary. We are grateful to our clients and our employees for making this possible.

We are one of the leading companies and we are redefining industry standards by providing high-quality software solutions. In 2010, Two young energies, Dipti Agrawal and Tushar Apshankar created a collaboration of their dreams to establish an enterprise which would focus on the clients and their requirements by customizing and providing solutions in a cost-effective way. The approach was very straightforward: to build a value-driven software service company named ‘Tudip Technologies’. Then, there was no turning back. We started with 4 employees and now we are an employee base of 400+. Reflecting on 10 years in business Dipti Agrawal, CEO and Co founder said, we value cultures,not just cultures from India but across the globe as we have clients across the world keeping in mind our key values which are Integrity, innovation and Serenity. Integrity is being honest and showing consistent and uncompromising work to our clients and keep striving for the best.

Innovation is the key in this 20th century, it’s not about invention discovery, it’s about innovation of new projects or products in the coming era. Serenity is the peace of mind for our clients and for our employees and peace of mind comes from job satisfaction and job satisfaction is when our clients say Good job and do something good for our clients and hence Tudip Technologies is a one-stop-solutions for clients.


These 10 years have been like a memorable journey and a lot of things happened which made this journey an exciting one! We have learnt from our past experiences that technologies that seem hot today can be seen being pushed to oblivion in absolutely no time. We are a fast-moving company. Transition and learning is in our blood. We are opting for very challenging domains such as translation services and IoT and we are ready to push or limits to excel in these domains.

We have got an opportunity to work with clients like Google, PaloAltoNetworks, BrightSide, Livongo, UPL etc. which is why we want to always be ahead of the curve and provide our clients with best-in-class technology whether for a small project or a big one.

We are growing every year at 100% growth rate, both in terms of revenue and head-count. This
success story is possible because of the complete dedication and total commitment that our team has towards its clients.

This year, is indeed very luck for us, said Ms. Dipti Agrawal, as we won the title, ‘The Best Companies to work for’, ‘ Top 20 IT companies to work for’, We are ‘Top mobile game developers’ and last but not the least and this is special one which can’t be missed i.e. we are a CMMI l3 company. The Maturity Level 3 benchmark demonstrates Capability Level 3.

This is a level known as ‘Defined’, where our company’s processes are well understood and characterized, and also are described in procedures, standards, tools, and methods. We as a company take a proactive approach to manage projects and processes. We’re dedicated to continuous improvement and producing great work that makes a difference.

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