Tudip Technologies: Complementing The Digital Transformation Needs Of Today

Tudip Technologies: Complementing The Digital Transformation Needs Of Today

“We believe that every new day is a challenge and everything you do is a new thing, and as we believe in customizing things for our clients, that’s where the challenge arises. Accepting the challenge is a sign of entrepreneurship,” asserts Dipti Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder at Tudip Technologies. Tudip Technologies is one of the leading companies that are redefining industry standards by providing high-quality software solutions.

The company’s roots date back on 5th April 2010, when Dipti and Tushar Apshankar (CTO and Co-founder at Tudip Technologies), created a collaboration of their dreams to establish an enterprise that would focus on clients and their requirements by customizing and providing solutions in a cost-effective way. Consequently, with an approach to building a value-driven service company, the duo co-founded Tudip Technologies. Started with 4 people, the company presently has an employee base of over 400.

Over the last decade, Tudip Technologies has grown from strength to strength. It has been certified with Maturity Level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®-SVC) for its software services. Moreover, the company became Google and AWS partners. It recently completed its first government project (for Pune Municipal Corporation) and was invited to develop a mobile application for GST by the Central Government of India. The company has expanded its footprint by opening offices in Columbia and Argentina, and another office in Pune. It aims to expand further in South America to serve the clients with its high-quality software services.


Centralized Software Solutions


Tudip Technologies is a one-stop solution for its clients. Some prominent services provided by the company include,

Internet of Things (IoT): The innovative IoT powered solutions enable organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators. From integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights into choosing the best-fit platform, the company provides a vast range of comprehensive IoT services to the clients.

Product Engineering: Tudip helps enterprises by delivering innovative and powerful product solutions.
Cloud Computing: The company gives a greater feature velocity on the workloads that power the clients’ businesses on the cloud.

AI/ML: Organizations need a deeper insight beyond data. With AI/ML, Tudip helps organizations anticipate their business challenges and design solutions to meet the challenges ahead of time.

Web Development: Tudip specializes in the design and development of a well-organized, impressive, and dynamic user experience. Website and UI for web applications with trendy features and responsiveness is the company’s forte.

Mobility Solutions: Through its suite of services, the company defines, architects, implements, and maintains mobility solutions.

Quality Assurance: These are the suite of services and solutions that empower organizations to provide best-in-class IT application quality and superior client experiences.

The Transition to Remote Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected the business world, and the cloud industry is no exception. The pandemic has pushed a majority of IT enterprises to adapt to the work from home model. The IT and ITES enterprises have enabled mobile workforce, adapting enterprise mobility tools and services thereby increasing the demand for cloud communication and collaboration services.

Companies from other industries are now starting to realize the benefits and value of Cloud Enablement and many of them are scaling up their digital transformation efforts. However, as a large chunk of the world’s most organized workforce has shifted to remote working, companies and governments have had to ensure the security of the platforms being used for remote operations. “This was like a very sudden shift where companies, as well as employees, took time to cope-up with the situation,” adds Dipti.


Strengthening the Relationship with Clients

Most of Tudip’s clients are from Healthcare, eLearning, OTT, Agriculture, BFSI, eCommerce, and Social Industries. Thus, the company is trying its level best to digitize things for them and helping them to cope-up with the current situation. It is helping clients by getting their Business Workload to Cloud in less than 30 days so that they can get an access anytime-anywhere. It provides clients with immense security where they can protect their data.

Alongside, Tudip helps clients reduce their OPEX and CAPEX costs by 8% thereby boosting IT resource utilization by 40% and it migrates its client’s business in less than 30 days. “We share a relationship with its clients where we have stood by them and they have stood by us even in the unprecedented times, which we believe makes a relationship stronger,” said Dipti. The company is providing constant service to the clients in these unprecedented times by being available 24×7.


Employees Matter the Most

As the CEO, Dipti has always believed in transparency at the workplace. She takes all the responsibilities of the employees and is available for them whenever required. Especially in these times, along with the clients, keeping the employees motivated and driven is crucial. Tudip has adapted a flexible, informal, supportive, and empowering work culture with the mantra of “Employee First.” This approach has helped Tudip to achieve maximum productivity and work satisfaction amongst all the employees.

The company takes pride in its employees and hails them as one of its most important assets. “For me, employees matter the most,” asserts Dipti. Thus, even during the tough times, Tudip is conducting a 360-degree appraisal cycle. This is the second appraisal of the year as the company believes that their hard work should pay off. This has motivated the employee morale and has made the employees feel proud by having a job in hand even during such tough times. Moreover, Tudip has several HR policies aiming towards the betterment of employees, such as referral bonus, Honeymoon bonus, employee stock exchange, etc.


Cloud Computing: A key to the Future

In the near future, applications will be made available on the cloud to build and deploy applications that would lead to better technology and faster response time. Moreover, cloud development will increase and new applications will be built keeping the current scenario and infrastructure cloud in the mind. Thus for businesses to remain competitive in today’s world, companies such as Tudip Technologies are ideal as the cloud is helping businesses to keep pace.

Quote: “At Tudip Technologies, our mission is to create a niche’ by offering cutting-edge integrated services across technologies empowered by innovation, best in class process, and best of breed technology.”

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