Client Testimonials

And our clients absolutely LOVE us!

  • “Tudip is awesome! I can’t express how great it has been working with the development team at Tudip. I came to them after having a horrible experience with a U.S. based developer and Tudip was able to pick my project up quickly and get my app built and to the App Store. They have knowledgeable and skilled programmers with outstanding customer service. We had video meetings weekly and I received daily e-mails informing me of the progress made on my app. Even when we hit some technical issues, they worked hard to overcome them and ultimately we were successful. I appreciate all they have done and will definitely work with them for my upcoming projects.”

    Brandon Wilkes - Giveway

  • “I’ve worked with Tudip for well over a year now on projects that required senior-level expertise in the areas of web development, database support, PHP, and complicated scripting issues. They have mastered WordPress, a CMS I use frequently on projects and have an incredible turnaround time. I can be a bit of an eccentric when it comes to declaring urgency on projects that to most might not seem important. Despite that personality flaw, the team at Tudip comes through for me and communicates with me through the entire process. They are more than a vendor, they are a partner and someone I’m proud to work with now and years into the future.”

    Steve Wiideman - SEOSteve

  • “Our work with Tudip Technologies was aimed to replace our desktop application with web based application. We were thrilled when team Tudip accomplished the task within tight deadlines without any single evidence of compromise in the quality.The value provided by team Tudip exceeded our expectations. I strongly recommend them.”

    Ettienne Van Der Kuij - Chief Technology Officer - SheqTrack | Increasing Safety Awareness.

  • “In today’s climate we’re dealing with cost reductions, changing technology and maintaining service levels. It’s important to consider a Technology company that can assist us drive business value. Tudip has been an excellent partner that understands both the critical issues facing their customers and leveraging technology to implement business solutions. The most notable attributes for Tudip are in the areas of professionalism, ethics, technical expertise and commitment to its customers”

    Ed Burns - SLGInnovation Inc.

  • “Their great service, just got better with superb project management software. Working with Tudip is now a dream come true. I heartily recommend their services to anyone needing help with web application development.”

    Kenneth Aar - Maxmedia

  • “Tudip has been developing applications for us for almost 3 years now. I was very happy to find an Indian company with well-spoken and reliable people. Before starting to work with them we went to India and saw their office. We’ve been treated very nicely and I’m safe to say we gained a reliable business partner, as well as good friends. They proved to be able to get a project live and running, and I am happy to grow my business together with them.”

    David Schaap - Nyon Business B.V.

  • “The Tudip team is great! They are effective, knowledgeable, and very flexible to suit your needs as a client. Their team is well versed and their customer service is unlike others in their field – you run the business as you need to, and Tudip will meet the required goal. I would recommend them to anyone who needs an international resource.”

    Justin Marinovich - AdworxUSA

  • “Just wanted to say thank you for all your help in building this app. I’m most thankful to your team and their commitment to this project. Team did excellent work, he single-handedly pretty much built this platform. I really owe him a lot for his dedication. He’s definitely one of the smartest guys and thinkers that I have met throughout my career so special thanks goes for him. I’m looking forward continuing working with him..Thank you again, we had our first customer (without advertising much) and we are waiting for the feedback:) Finally this is happening…”

    Nicholas Nadirashvil