3 Must-Follow Design Principles for a Better User Experience (UX)

3 Must-Follow Design Principles for a Better User Experience (UX)

06 May 2021


One broad question that hounds almost all designers everywhere — ‘What is the perfect designing strategy to develop a user-friendly platform?’ The simpler version of it would be looking for an answer by actually observing the design yourself. Observation is the most critical asset of a designer when developing a design based on User Experience (UX). Ultimately, a good design is not just the by-product of creative ideas but an amalgamation of multiple design elements chosen to bring the idea/imagination to life.

Here are some principles which influence user experience and will probably assist you in formulating a definite strategy –

A contextual theme

The user journey on your platform should be similar to a storyline build-up. The instance they visit your site, they should be looking for more of it. When you visit Facebook’s social platform, you can access every piece of content right from the homepage.

A unified theme requires your site to be easy to navigate, contains interesting product related stories and use of colors to fade or objectify a point. Gradually, you would observe the organic traffic streaming in, on a regular basis.

3 Must-Follow Design Principles for a Better User Experience (UX)


So you have invested a lot on creative designers and bought some hefty-priced designing software. However, the traffic generation is still stagnant and the sales are almost constant.

By now, you would have been thinking if the effort was in the right direction. Well, no worries. Having ground-breaking design is equally important as ensuring that the conversion rates for the design are viable.

Implementing new frameworks, costly plugins may help the site get a better appearance, but it is of no use if the user refrains from clicking on the buy button.

3 Must-Follow Design Principles for a Better User Experience (UX)

Focus on the usability of the core offering

User Experience based design is not limited to developing an attractive design. Rather, it should be easily accessible too. A majority of sales are made through smartphones, and most of them demand simplicity and focus on the offerings.

Small screens imply fewer elements on each page and prominent buttons increase the click rate. A drop-down menu is a must so that every piece of information can be accessed from a single tap.Prioritize the link, button, or the piece of information on every page. It shouldn’t be present just for the sake that it may be useful for someone.

3 Must-Follow Design Principles for a Better User Experience (UX)

Here are some tips to enhance the usability of your platform and make product lists easily accessible –

  • Make the site easily readable. Cluttered information on a single page would lead the customer away from making a purchase.
  • Refrain from using more-than-necessary auto refreshing information. It would create lags on a slow connection.
  • Achieve clarity to focus on your product by hiding some features and removing others, which are lower on the priority list.

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