Innovative Integration of AI Solutions

A 360 degree transformation awaits a path breaking technology and trend setting concept. We, as innovative tech experts, weave AI in the digital solutions meant for the healthcare industry. Our expertise lies in providing progressive solutions that self transform as the industry’s demands, needs, behavior and process change.

We Serve the Entire Ecosystem of Healthcare Sector


Healthcare Providers

From a nursing practitioner to an experienced surgeon, from a private clinic to a multispecialty healthcare facility, from an inventory department to accounts section, we provide seamless, robust and scalable digital solutions to their varying yet critical needs.



To keep the patients aligned with their care providers, prescriptions, preventive measures, medical schedule and what not! Our patient care centric digital solutions keep the things transparent, accessible, in-sync, responsive and communicable at all times and in all situations.


Pathology & Life Science Labs

To make their system better at reporting, more analytical, effective communicator, efficient recorder or capturer and even more, we provide a range of tech solutions to keep them a step ahead and a level up to provide flawless assistance.


Medical Educators & Researchers

To transform the way they conduct research, and to educate the new generation, we equip them with software and solutions which are based on their concepts and fundamentals; but perform smartly to multiply their efforts and maintain accuracy.


Medical Device Manufacturers

We breathe lives into their devices through AI/ML based solutions. The collaborative function of hardware and software boosts the efficiency of the devices to make them perform clinical, precise, and efficient with a data driven approach.

The Wide Spectrum of Our Offerings

New Development

We develop futuristic, native and scalable software solutions fresh from scratch.



We can modify and evolve your legacy software system, be it EHR, EMR or Care Management Portal, to a solution leveraged with advanced technologies.



Looking for a pilot before full-fledged development? We’re the master in the game and can develop the same in no time.



From manual to automation to hybrid to whatever your requirement is; you name it and we’ll provide you with it.



We can integrate your CRM, patient portal, other tools and software in a way that they collectively become more productive for your facility.


Partial Development

Want a piece from a cake? We can fulfill your lone tool or software requirement while keeping it in sync with your existing system.


Why Tudip?

Choose Us for Once and Get Digital Solutions Forever


We are Tech Geeks

We are no less than a flag bearer in terms of providing unparalleled solutions to the healthcare industry.


We are Tech Partners

Not one time affair but a strong bond. Our digitized solutions will take care of your technical hiccups and future requirements.


We are Experienced

We are proficient in analyzing, enhancing, developing, testing and delivering the right healthcare solutions.


We are Cost Effective

We are no less than a flag bearer in terms of providing unparalleled solutions to the healthcare industry.

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