Showing teams how to build for tomorrow.

When you engage with Tudip Services, we’ll demonstrate how to leverage our cloud-native platform to remake your organization into a next-generation enterprise. We’ll share processes that will help you build capabilities for rapid and secure deployment so you can move fast, forever.

We’ve faced these challenges before

Innovating isn’t a choice. Evolving is essential, but the complexity of overhauling infrastructure, operations, and practices are formidable. Our experts make daunting jobs simpler by removing the complexities and turning intimidating issues tangible, and then fix them with you—all while making modern methodologies part of the way you do business.


How Team Works and Lives

To engage with Tudip is to learn by doing. Your team members pair with Tudip team members, working side-by-side as much as possible to collectively build a great product. We practice test-driven development, short development cycles, and continuous verification and integration of code. The final result is high-quality, flexible software delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. In short, we work as your augmented team.


Each workday begins with a brief team stand-up meeting to discuss what you did yesterday, and what you plan to do today.


The product manager leads the team through the backlog during the Iteration Planning Meeting. Team members collaborate to clarify items and ensure consistency.


The product manager oversees prioritization, while prototypes are managed by the designer. Throughout, user research eliminates unnecessary features.


The team meets weekly to decompress, identify issues, and discuss areas for improvement, leading to iterative improvement. That’s the agile method. We believe in constant feedback and learning through that feedback.


As we begin to build a product, we employ Test-Driven Development (TDD): we write tests that assert the application can do what we want it to do. We do this before we build the functionality. A piece of code or functionality isn’t done until it passes the test.