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Adaptive Maintenance and Support - Changes in localizations

Optimization and Extension

Optimization carries a different meaning to different individuals. However, Tudip takes optimization as an opportunity to improve the product at different levels and ensure it gets better at every stage surpassing overall expectations.
Tudip has keen understanding and expertise in highlighting, and then working with the key areas which need improvement, so that the product can continue to add value to the business.

Adaptive Maintenance and Support - Regulations and integration of new and improved operating systems

End-of-Life Engineering

We have best in the business experts working for us who have expertise in maintaining the product throughout and then, providing support towards the end of project lifecycle. Our team can help you in adding value to your product by managing bug fixes, offering custom enhancements, supporting the code base, and re-engineering to reduce the crucial time of the development team from product support to innovation.

Preventive Maintenance and Support - Customers Feedback

L1-L4 Product Support

Our software maintenance and support services have a set of levels from L1 to L4 support, remote installations, infrastructure setup, change, performance tuning, performance and configuration management.In addition, we also offer technical service desk support for your software products.

Perfective Maintenance and Support - Software Enhancements

Sustenance Engineering

For product companies with heavy reliance on post-deployment support, Tudip builds multiple technical support teams. Our support team has experience of working on different product lines and hence, they can understand your product line before they are implemented and on other hand they can maintain backup resources to cater both additional call volume and can be a cushion if there is unplanned attrition.

With 10+ years of experience in software support services, we get in charge cutting-edge tools enabling you to stay ahead of your competitors. Our trained resources provide full-proof, real-time, and longevity software maintenance and support services, to keep the burden off your hectic schedule.

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  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Timely Services
  • Scalability

Adaptive Maintenance and Support

Our experts team will have a thorough look at your product, and will carry out an essential modification drive to keep your software product up to date. Our adaptive services include,

Alterations in the data format
Support utility modification
Reconfiguring hardware

Changes in localizations

Regulations and integration of new and improved operating systems

Corrective Maintenance and Support

Be it a software product of any kind, it will require rectification in due course of time. Our team keeps a keen eye on the same and do timely scrutiny to find the possible errors and fix them before they bring any trouble in functioning of the product.

Logical errors

Coding errors

Design errors

Eradication of bugs and setting it right

Perfective Maintenance and Support

A software product goes through a series of changes and modifications before its release. We help in the same and ensure the software delivers as your and client’s expectations.


Software Enhancements

Preventive Maintenance and Support

Our team is capable at effectively analyzing your software's future needs and problems by deep analysis. Our preventive software maintenance services aim at planning and incorporating solutions to meet future requirements and overcome problems that may ascend in the long-run.

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L1-L4 Product Support

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