5 Mobile App Ideas That Are Sure to Be A Hit in 2022

5 Mobile App Ideas That Are Sure to Be A Hit in 2022

23 March 2022

The tech world has been churning out mobile apps at an unprecedented rate in the past few years. But despite there being a whopping 5.7 million apps to choose from, the growth trend is more than likely to continue in the near future.

Mobile App developers are always on the lookout for the ‘next great idea’ that can take the mobile world by storm. And as a consequence, the app development sector has been relentlessly driving ingenious breakthroughs and innovations within the consumer markets.

Apps are steadily reinventing every aspect of our lives, some even beyond our imagination. While it may seem like there is an overwhelming amount of apps out there already, perhaps the best of what the mobile world has to offer is yet to come. And so, if you are a business wanting to enter or expand your reach within the mobile market, then coming up with an innovative mobile app concept should be your first step.

However, that’s easier said than done. Competition in the world of apps is cut-throat, and user expectations are beyond the stratosphere. To stand apart from the noise, app development companies need to develop apps that are in high demand and offer something users have never seen before. All the while being wrapped in a package that is easy to use, well-executed and polished like a gem.

Though there is a lot that goes into building an app that can top the charts consistently, every journey starts with a first step. And here, the first step is to come up with an app idea that is both appealing and practical.

To help you out with that, below are five emerging app categories that are likely to be in great demand entering 2022. If you are on the fence about what type of app you should build and launch in the coming year, these can be your best bets.

1. Healthcare Apps

As we struggle to recover from the pandemic, it is evident, both to consumers and companies, that technology has a vital role to play within the healthcare sector moving forward. Healthcare apps are occupying (and inventing) numerous previously vacant app niches, from apps used for self-diagnosis to apps that help with patient monitoring and everything in between.

Needless to say, healthcare is a vast category with numerous sub-niches that companies can specialize within. We have:

  • Medical education and database apps
  • Patient monitoring apps
  • Self-diagnosis apps
  • Medicinal tracking and reminder apps
  • Doctor-on-demand apps
  • Administrative apps for healthcare institutes

to name just a few.

While healthcare is bound to be a fruiting genre for mobile app moving into 2022, I advise great caution to any business going down the healthcare route. Unlike other niches, the healthcare sector comes with significantly higher responsibilities and much greater consequences. If you do go this way, ensure your app meets every regulatory standard and prioritizes patients’ wellbeing above everything else.

2. Mindfulness and Wellbeing Apps

Mindfulness and wellbeing apps have been around for a while, but the pandemic accelerated their adoption. More and more people today feel the need to take a break from their busy lives, and app companies are finding innovative ways to help their users achieve the same. Mindfulness apps come in all shapes and sizes, from gratitude journals to meditation guides.

While a few big players like Headspace and Calm have been around for a while, there is plenty and enough room within the niche for new apps as long as they offer something new and interesting. The added benefit of building a mindfulness app is that the end product is something that truly enriches your user’s life.

3. Anonymous Chating and Chatbots Apps

Technology—and mobile devices especially—have made it possible for the average human to stay connected to the internet virtually at all times. And yet, countless studies have shown that a significant majority of people today report feeling lonely, at least occasionally.

Again the pandemic might have exaggerated the issue further. Still, millions of people are turning towards their phones every day looking for new conversations, and here is where chatting apps come into play. Anonymous Chatting apps, as the name suggests, allow you to chat with other users anonymously while chatbots are chatting apps powered by AI. Both represent two distinctly separate categories but have been clubbed together here for the sake of brevity.

Chatting apps are an excellent opportunity for app developers because they are incredibly popular and easy to build. It is one of those evergreen genres that virtually never run out of a market, so building a chat app will undoubtedly be a lucrative opportunity.

4. Social Media with a Spin

In a recent fundraiser, the popular social audio app Clubhouse was evaluated for around $4 Billion. In response to the app’s success, major social media players like Twitter and Facebook have launched their own social audio projects, essentially mimicking the app’s concept.

The point is, although user engagement is on a steady rise, consumers are constantly on the lookout for something new and fresh when it comes to social media apps. Most users are willing to experiment with new concepts, especially considering that using the same handful of social media apps every day can get boring real quick.

Clubhouse’s ‘social audio’ is just old wine in a new bottle. At its core, the app is much the same as any other social media, but it is the exciting new format they’ve come up with that makes the difference. The bottom line is that there are a ton of opportunities available for anyone who can manage to put a unique spin on the traditional idea of a social media app. People are eager to try new things, and social media apps will always be popular, so building a social media app with an interesting spin to it is bound to be welcomed well.

5. Blockchain Backed Apps

Anyone even remotely connected to the internet these days can tell that cryptocurrencies and blockchains are all the rage within the tech world. As cryptocurrencies enjoy growing mass adoption by regular users and tech enthusiasts alike, the technology that runs the show behind the curtains (blockchain) is bound to grow as well.

The first generation of blockchain-based apps were mainly just currency exchanges and wallets, but that changed quickly as the world recognized blockchain’s immense practical value. Today chains like ethereum have generated entire sprawling ecosystems around themselves, powering a plethora of services from decentralised financed to NFT marketplaces.

The bottom line is that Blockchains are here to stay, and they’ll certainly inspire a ton of technologies and software in the near future. Those wanting to surf the long-anticipated blockchain wave must realize that now is the best time to enter the market, and building a blockchain-backed app that addresses critical consumer pain points might be the best way to do it.


Building an app is a lucrative business opportunity as long as companies can find strategies for staying competitive within the mobile market. The first—and arguably the most critical—step for which, is coming up with an innovative app idea that can sell. Companies have different approaches to get around this hurdle; some brands capitalize on the latest trends while others try innovating within evergreen niches.

While both strategies can be effective, the real advantage here is telling apart ideas that’ll work from those that won’t. Coming up with a promising app idea isn’t as difficult as it may seem though, as long you keep an eye on what’s brewing within the market. I hope the ideas mentioned above can inspire you to build an app that achieves the success your business deserves.

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