7 Best Mobile App Development Technologies Designed for Startup’s Growth

7 Best Mobile App Development Technologies Designed for Startup’s Growth

05 August 2021

Nowadays, mobile applications play an integral role in the development of startups. With an easy-to-use application, many new entrepreneurs have improved the customer’s experience. Starting from getting information about the products’ price to its availability, the users can get everything in one app.

With compatible mobile applications, you can reach out to millions of customers across the globe. For increasing the startup’s sales, it becomes essential to build an application. Every business owner, irrespective of the company’s size, should create an app to drive traffic.

Do you know more than 53% of online web traffic comes from smartphones? Yes! Thus, if you run a startup, then launch a mobile app to strengthen the online presence. Moreover, with this technology, you can let the customers know about the latest products/services. Push notifications help notify the targeted audience about the latest deals/offers. But, for developing a mobile application, it’s important to implement the right technology.

With an ideal application development technique, you can make apps for both Android and iOS users. But, it can be challenging to find an appropriate app development process for startups. You should first check the features/tools the app development services offer. And, it will help entrepreneurs to build mobile applications within a limited time.

Here, we have compiled a list of app development technologies that you should consider using in 2021:


You must have heard about this programming language, right? Well, millions of developers are using Java for creating mobile applications for startups. Because this technology is relatively easy to use and comes with plenty of features. But, you can only make Android-based applications with Java. In this programming language, you can get a wide range of open-source libraries and useful documentation.

Along with this, the app developers get community support to increase their productivity. Contact with mobile app development Dubai experts, if you don’t know how to use it. Beginners can easily edit or design mobile applications from Java.

With its “multithreaded” feature, you can easily make interactive apps for startups. Do you know the best part about this programming language? You can use Java to make apps from Windows, Mac and Linux devices. Here are some of the mobile-based applications that are built with Java:

  • Spotify
  • VLC Media Players
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Omni-Notes


With the introduction of Python, developing secure mobile applications has become easier. Moreover, with this programming language, you can launch the apps in the PlayStore or App Store. Along with startups, many multinational companies have used Python to build web-based applications. And, with this app development technology, the developers can reduce maintenance costs.

Many new app developers tend to think that it takes a lot of time to understand this programming language. But, that’s not completely true! Python comes with an easy-to-understand syntax which brings convenience in app building. Moreover, this app development technology features community and GUI programming support. Recently, Python has added different frameworks, libraries and versatile features.

For cross-app developments in a startup, Python can be the go-to technology. You can make different types of applications from this programming language. And, these include command-line, game, system administration, machine learning, business and blockchain apps. Mobile applications like YouTube, Instagram, Reddit and Dropbox were created with Python.


Do you want to make mobile applications from different platforms? Then, go with Swift; it’s available in Mac, Linux and other operating systems. Almost 59.5% of developers use Swift for developing applications for startups or large companies. But, you won’t be able to create mobile applications for Android users with this technology. Moreover, Swift is designed only for building iOS applications for entrepreneurs.

It offers cross-platform facilities and has an effective coding style. Also, it takes less time and effort to learn app development from Swift. Additionally, with its Playground mode, you can explore creative designs and discard them easily. Further, for designing the modern server application, Swift is the ultimate choice. With tools like Cocoa Touch or Sentry, you can opt for seamless app integration. And, Swift was used in developing apps like Uber.


Are you familiar with this app development process? Yes! Well, then you must know that Google developed Flutter for designing cross-platform apps. And, with this UI toolkit, you can make mobile applications that will run on Android and iOS devices. Flutter has an easy user interface, easy code drafting and outstanding community support options. With this app development technology, the startup owners get reliable and secured applications.

Additionally, this technology comes with hefty widgets like Cupertino iOS flavour. You can even use two different platforms for rewriting the codes of the startup apps. And, do you know that renowned companies have used Flutter for developing mobile apps? Yes! Companies like Tencent and Google used Flutter to build apps.

R Programming

Have you ever been a part of machine learning and data analysis projects? Then, you must know about this mobile application development technology. With R programming, you can create statistical computing and graphics for the apps. Additionally, many developers have used this technology to build effective machine learning algorithms.

R programming is a free, open-source software where you can make app improvements. Additionally, you get to choose from 1000+ packages to clear out your app development-related doubt. R programming also comes with cross-platform support. This means the startup’s mobile app developers can use it from different OS. Moreover, it’s compatible with programming languages like C++ and Java as well.

React Native

React is another mobile application development technology that is developed by Facebook. With this open-source framework, you can design cross-platform applications for the company. Moreover, one of the prime benefits of React is that it takes less time to construct reliable apps. Many startup owners have used React to save costly app development expenses.

Along with startups, 500+ companies consider choosing this technology for mobile app designing. React has become a constant choice for app developers owing to its outstanding features. Further, starting from beginners to experienced developers, everyone can make UI apps from React. This app development framework acquired a large developer base for its community support.


With Kotlin, you can make cross-platform applications through an easy user interface. Initially, this app development site was first introduced in 2011 and was designed for JVM. But, now, Kotlin also works with Java to build apps to minimise the app development time. Many Android developers have used Kotlin over Java or other programming languages.

Even more than 50% of mobile app developers across the globe use it for its security features. Additionally, with this open-source programming language, you can change the existing Java code. And, with its lazy-loading feature, the developers increase the app’s startup time. Further, in Kotlin, you can develop an application with fewer programming codes. And, with “Smart Cast Function”, improve the startup app’s speed. Evernote, Trello and Coursera are some of the Kotlin-based mobile applications.

Why Should You Opt for Creating Mobile Applications in Startups? 

You must have a profitable startup idea, but that’s not enough to expand the business. To gain the customer’s trust, it’s important to have a website and a mobile application. It will help you to withstand the potential challenges that are associated with startups. With a user-friendly application, you can always provide prompt responses to the client’s queries.

Moreover, it will even help to strengthen buyer-seller communication. As a result, it will impact the startup company’s reputation. With applications, you can let the customer know when the products will be available or delivered. So, choose the app development technology and an app based on the necessities!

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