Advantages of Foreign Languages in Today’s World

Advantages of Foreign Languages in Today’s World

26 July 2021


Language is a source of communication. It is a medium through which we express our feelings and thoughts. In today’s era approximately 6500 languages are spoken over the world. Knowing and learning foreign languages can be advantageous to us. Various advantages of knowing foreign languages are:


Making new friends

In today’s world when we see that most people want to explore and make new friends, learning foreign languages can be most beneficial for them. Knowing their language will make us more presentable and we can communicate with them in a better way.

Learning foreign languages helps us in removing the communication barrier which gives us an opportunity to speak our heart out and which definitely enhances our ability to make new friends.


Travelling the world

I have seen many people who want to travel the world but being unknown to the language cause hindrance in fulfilling their dreams. Learning foreign language helps us to remove this barrier and to communicate with the locals.

Knowing foreign language makes our trip more interesting and memorable. The more we get connected with people on our trip the more enjoyable it seems to be. Therefore, learning foreign language will definitely be a plus point for our travelling experience.


Knowing foreign culture

Making new friends and travelling the world definitely leads us to knowing their culture. Every nation has its own culture, its own dress and its own festival. Knowing languages helps us in connecting with them personally and to know more about it.

By knowing about foreign dresses, culture, food and festivals we get a sense of belonging and this makes our relationships stronger with the locale.


Career Opportunities

In today’s emerging world, the most important advantage of learning foreign languages is that we get a great career opportunity. Many people think that language is important for only those people who want to go abroad but that’s not true. There are various opportunities in language fields:

  • As per the latest survey of one of the Indian newspapers, one of the most demanded jobs is as a Language Expert
  • Second, as current relationships among various countries are increasing, learning foreign languages gives us an opportunity to go and work in foreign countries.
  • While learning foreign language some students earn a scholarship and get a chance to learn that language from the respective countries which increases the value of that language certification and this creates a great opportunity for those students.
  • Foreign language is also essential for those companies who have foreign clients therefore this is also a great advantage of learning foreign languages.
  • In conclusion, learning foreign languages is a great option for the career as you can go to various fields, like Translator, Language Expert, Hospitality Sector, etc.


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