Automation Testing

Automation Testing

17 February 2022

Automation testing is a type of testing technique which uses some special testing software tools to execute a bunch of test cases.
In the Automation testing process, we have to just enter the test data into the system and then compare the actual and expected results. After all this, we get a detailed test report.
It requires a huge investment of resources and money.
The goal of this type of testing is to decrease the number of test cases to be run manually again and again.

Automation Testing

Why Automation Testing?

Automation testing is the best method to increase the testing speed, effectiveness and cover every test case. There are also some important reasons to choose Automation testing:

  • It increases the speed of test execution.
  • It covers all the test cases.
  • It is interesting and error-free.
  • It is easy to test multilingual sites with Automation testing techniques.
  • It does not require human intervention.
  • It is 70% faster than manual testing.
  • Reliable in results.
  • Reusable test scripts.
  • Improves accuracy.
  • Test frequently and thoroughly.

Types of Automation Testing

  • Regression Testing: It tests the modified part of the code without affecting the other codes. It ensures that no new errors will be introduced after the code is modified.
  • Smoke Testing: Whenever some new functionalities are added, this type of testing ensures that the critical or major functionalities are working properly.
  • Functional Testing: The purpose of functional testing is to test the functions of the software applications.
  • Performance Testing: In performance testing, responsiveness, speed, stability, network and some other things are tested.

Automation Testing Tools

1. Ranorex

It is the most used test automation tool. Ranorex is an all-in-one tool of automation testing method. It includes an easy to use interface for web, desktop and mobile applications.

Automation Testing

2. LambdaTest

It is specially used to perform the cross browser automation testing. It supports all the latest browsers. It offers fast, scalable and reliable results.

Automation Testing

3. Parasoft

It covers all the code of the application while performing unit testing, API testing, UI testing. It provides a good quality of delivery report for early prevention, detection and correction of the defects.

Automation Testing

4. Selenium

It is a testing tool which is used for Regression testing. It is an automation tool, currently in demand and widely used in the market. It is one of the best tools for automation testing that QA uses.

Automation Testing

5. Silk Test

It uses Functional and Regression testing methods. SilkTest involves cross-browser testing and Mobile testing. It provides three products Workbench, Silk4NET, and Silk4J.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing Process

The steps to follow while doing Automation testing are:

  1. Test Tool Selection
  2. Define Scope of Automation
  3. Planning, Design & Development
  4. Test Execution
  5. Maintenance

Automation Testing

1. Test Tool Selection

It’s the most important step to select a tool. Generally, the section of the tool depends upon the technology in which the application or software is built. We can’t take any tool of our choice, as not all the tools support all the technologies.

2. Define Scope of Automation

The Scope of Automation is the area or place where you have to perform the Automation testing.

It may be a particular part of the application, for example:

  • Some common functionalities of the application.
  • Choose the same test cases for cross browser compatibility testing.
  • Places where large amounts of data is used.
  • Important features used in the application.

3. Planning, Design & Development

In this step, you create a plan for testing with the following details:

  • Tools selected for testing
  • Framework design used for testing
  • Scope items for automation testing
  • Schedule and timeline for execution of test cases
  • Deliver the reports of the testing

4. Test Execution

In this step, the testing scripts or test cases are executed. The script needs some input data before starting. Once the input data is provided, it starts executing and provides a detailed report.

5. Maintenance

In this, you have to test whether the new functionalities or features added in the application are working fine or not. Maintenance in automation testing is done when any new script is added to improve the performance of the testing script.

Framework For Automation

There are four types of frameworks used for automation testing:

  1. Data Driven Automation Framework
  2. Keyword Driven Automation Framework
  3. Modular Automation Framework
  4. Hybrid Automation Framework

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