Celebration of Tudip Cha Raja

Celebration of Tudip Cha Raja

21 September 2022

One of the most cheerful and pious festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival of wisdom and prosperity. Ganesha with a long trunk, huge belly, hand full of modak and a Mouse as his vehicle is the lord of intellect who is believed to retain the good and cut the bad.

Just like every year this year too we celebrated the birth of Lord Ganesha with equal excitement and enthusiasm. Our office was decorated with flowers and lights. The rituals were followed by bringing a huge Ganpati idol in both of our offices, Hinjewadi phase 3 and Wakad. The celebration was started with Ganesh sthapana by our CEO with the Tudip family. Each one took part in the puja so enthusiastically as we celebrated it at our home. We all take part in decorations and planning days before Chaturthi. After sthapana, we performed the Ganesh Pujan, Aarti and finally the favorite part of all, the “Modak” as a sweet reward was distributed as the prasad.Tudip cha Raja VisarjanAfter a 10 day of extravaganza and rendezvous it ended on the fourteenth day of the waxing moon period or “Anant Chaturdasi” on which the Ganpati visarjann was performed. On the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi the statues of Ganesha are taken through the streets, accompanied with dancing and the sound of exciting drum-beats. We had a huge Dhol-Tasha team performing with a beautiful sync and rhythm on the beat of which everyone was dancing their heart out. After which we had snacks and then both the Ganpati idols were taken towards the visarjan pond.With a heavy heart we performed the Ganpati Visarjan and with which the 10 days of the Ganpati celebration ended. Ganesha leaves us with prosperity and happiness teaches the true meaning of life as we should keep distractions away and focus on our work and keep learning with a blessing of efficiency and pull towards achieving higher goals.
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