Cloud Natural Language API

Cloud Natural Language API



08 July 2019

Google APIs

As all of you know Google APIs are used for communication with Google services. In a single word we can say if you want to use Google services then you require Google API. In this blog we will be discussing about the Cloud Natural Language API.

Why we use API?

It is more effective to use an API rather than writing the code from scratch. It is also time saving.

Why we use Cloud Natural Language API?

Cloud Natural Language API classifies text into categories.The Cloud Natural Language API extracts entities from text, performs sentiment and syntactic analysis, and classify text into categories.

What is Cloud Natural Language APIs?

The Natural Language API is a REST API. It is consists of JSON request and response. It consists of several methods that perform analysis of your text. Each analysis provides vital information on the requested texts.

Features of Natural Language APIs

It provides Sentiment Analysis, Entity Analysis, Entity Sentiment Analysis, Syntactic Analysis, and Content analysis. We can say these are the methods that are used in this API. Each method has different functionality. Let’s discuss each method here.

  1. Entity analysis: Detects entities from source and then returns the information related to the entities. The analyzeSentiment method performs Entity analysis.
  2. Sentiment analysis: It Inspects the given text and identify emotional opinion with the text. The overall sentiment expressed in a block of text can be understood. That determines the attitude of the writer that means if it is positive, negative or neutral. The analyzeSentiment method performs Sentiment analysis.
  3. Entity sentiment analysis: It inspects the given text, returns the information about those entities and identifies the emotion of the entity within the text, especially it determines the writer’s attitude towards the entities that is positive, negative or neutral. The analyzeEntitySentiment method performs Entity sentiment analysis.
  4. Syntactic analysis: It extracts linguistic information, breaking up the given text into a series of sentences and tokens. Tokens can be words, numbers, identifiers or punctuation that depends upon the use case. After breaking up the given text into tokens, it further analysis those tokens. The analyzeSyntax method performs Syntactic Analysis.
  5. Content classification: It analyzes text content and returns a content category. The classifyText method performs Content classification.

It also returns the language type, if the language is not specified by the writer.


Use Case

Let’s take the food review of a hotel as a use case. Here we can use Natural Language API to review the food quality that is provided by the hotel or we can check the customer satisfaction of the hotel.

It is good to use the API instead of checking each and every review of the customer. Also, checking each review is a time consuming process. So lets give this work to APIs, instead of doing this time consuming work manually.

Cloud Natural Language API can easily review all the feedback given by the customer, identify all the entities from that and then calculate the sentiment of the entities. Determine the attitude/ emotion of the sentence and then give the final result. From the result it will be easy for us to analyze the customers feedback.

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