Comparison of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Comparison of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

04 May 2021

Amazon Web Services (ACP) is a stage that provides feasible, trustworthy, weighable, applied, pocket-friendly web-based solutions. On the other hand, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has come on air in 2011. It is a Google product that assists businesses in developing and expand. Business owners can also use the benefits of Google’s foundation. This solution offers intelligent, safe, and highly feasible facilities.

Both of these solutions have some exciting traits. Let’s discuss them:

Attributes of Amazon Web Services

Some significant traits of AWC are discussed below:

  • It is very cost-effective than other private service providers.
  • It helps to maintain a centralized billing system and can be used as pharma billing software.
  • It offers combined services.
  • Business owners can deploy their software irrespective of geographical locations in some clicks only.

Traits of Google Cloud Platform

Some vital qualities of GCP are:

  • Continuously involve different languages and OS.
  • It has an improved UI that assists in developing consumer satisfaction.
  • Provides self-services if demand arises.
  • Wide availability of network
  • Resource pooling of GCP is very high, and it can be stretched very fast.

Differences between AWS and GCP

Some major differences lie between AWS and GCP. Let’s check out the crucial point of differences between both the services:

  • GCP is a product of Google cloud computing services and resources, but AWS is a safe web-based facility that Amazon introduces and manages.
  • GCP provides storage of Google Web Services, and AWS users will get Amazon Simple Storage Facilities.
  • Data transfer in GCP is encrypted, while data transfer in AWS is more exposed as it is done in the usual method.
  • The volume size of GCP is within 1 GB to 64 TB, whereas the volume size of AWS is 500 GB to 16 TB.
  • Backup facilities are available in GCP; on the other hand, AWS provides web-based data recovery systems.

Both services have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see them:

Aws advantages

Here are some reasons for that companies can select AWS:

  • It is simple to deploy for a device.
  • When your company is working on high computing required assignments, it would be best to select AWS.
  • AWS fits within the budget and easily affordable.


AWS has some potential drawbacks like:

  • AWS deployment services are time-consuming and can take 20 to 30 minutes for installation.
  • AWS deployment is not so credible.
  • For the beginners, it is not an intelligent choice
  • Companies need to install apps in  AWS.

GCP Advantages

Here are some benefits of using GCP:

  • Provides high rate of productivity
  • It is accessible from anywhere
  • It allows broad network connectivity
  • Provides high-standard data analytics
  • Data transmission is encrypted here.


  • It is challenging to begin due to minor elements
  • Every service is chargeable on GCP


AWS and GCP both provide quality cloud computing services. First, as a business owner, one needs to assess both the benefits and understand which one would be the best for your needs. Choosing the proper solutions will help you to progress. These solutions are also applicable to the pharmaceutical industry. Any pharmaceutical manufacturer in India can implement these services as per their requirement.

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