Steps to Configure Redash on AWS Server (EC2 Instance)

Steps to Configure Redash on AWS Server (EC2 Instance)


01 March 2019

Redash is probably the hottest open source BI tool which is fast emerging as an alternative to Tableau and PowerBI. It provides out-of-the-box connectors that work for most commonly used data source. Here is what all it supports right now. You might want to check new connectors while the super awesome 200+ Redash Community works overtime to make new connectors for this awesome tool.

Redash Supported Data Sources

Redash is available on the AWS as the preconfigured AMI. You just have to launch the EC2 instance from the AMI. For the proper working of the Redash instance, a minimum of 2GB RAM and a reasonable amount of CPU is required. As the usage grows we might need to increase the RAM and CPU power to support the increased number of background workers and API processes. Steps to configure Redash on the AWS are mentioned here.

Procedure to configure Redash on the AWS:

1. Select pre-baked AWS AMI of Redash from the corresponding AWS region

Region AMI
us-east-1 ami-0c654c3ab463d22f6
us-east-2 ami-009571af26dc2a231
us-west-1 ami-0f01ea8717350fb36
us-west-2 ami-0e164aeccb29a1be7
us-west-3 ami-0d2cad8c08ea629b5
eu-central-1 ami-0a33a6ac6a556f82d
ap-south-1 ami-000cdecb7942d1bb5
ap-northeast-1 ami-026f66c6ba3cedf99
ap-northeast-2 ami-06f0212e0421ac789
sa-east-1 ami-0c7d9b740e997aa69
ca-central-1 ami-0666f50746c473b4e
sa-east-1 ami-089fb47d4de9cd2ff
ca-central-1 ami-092f8e28acda0fb0e
ap-southeast-1 ami-0f62f9ad30c784647
ap-southeast-2 ami-00174774b5620691a


2. Launch an EC2 instance ( minimum EC2 type of t2.small).

3. Now you can access the Redash using the public IP address of the EC2 instance.

4. Create an Initial Admin User.

5. Now you can log in via admin user and add the users as per the project.

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