Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction

19 January 2022

What is Customer Interaction?

A customer interaction is essentially a communication between an organization/business and a customer. Customer interaction includes customers calling you when they need some help or when they have a question. Customer interactions can be in the form of articles, the proactive emails you send to customers, social media posts and even customers interacting with you via chat.

Why is it important to have an interaction with customers?

As the Customer interactions are a valuable source of data. It will help to improve the quality of the product continuously. Also, It will improve the steps they need to take to create an overall better customer experience.

How would you interact with a customer?

  1. Show empathy and gratitude.
  2. Be communicative
  3. Be transparent.
  4. Ask for feedback and act on customer feedback.
  5. Delight your customers whenever you can.

Customer Interaction

How to handle angry customers?

Every customer who contacts support can be in an irritable mood as they might experience difficulties with the product. They can complain about the discomfort and express anger and dissatisfaction over some issue. Always thank them for bringing the difficulty to your attention. You just need to have a balance between interpreting and guiding a customer to the best possible solution through this conversation. Also be polite throughout the whole communication.

Customer Interaction

What are the qualities the support team should have for a good customer interaction?

These are the few things you have to keep in mind while interacting with customers:

  1. Customer support agents should have problem solving skills.
  2. Patience is very crucial for customer service professionals.
  3. Emotional intelligence.
  4. Clear communication skills.
  5. Writing skills.
  6. Language skills.
  7. Customer Focus
  8. Knowledge of the Product.

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