How to create a collection view in Xamarin tvOS without using a storyboard?



09 June 2020

What is collection view?

Collection View allows a group of content to be displayed using arbitrary layouts. Using built-in support, they allow for the easy creation of grid-like or linear layouts, while supporting custom layouts too.

What are the requirements to create a collection view in Xamarin tvOS?

To create a collection view in Xamarin tvOS, We require the Visual Studio, Xcode and Xamarin setup.

Steps to create a collection view without a storyboard:

  1. Create a new ViewController. Add the below code in ViewController’s ViewDidLoad method.create_collection_view_in_Xamarin_tvOS_without_using_storyboard_1
  2. Create a new Collection view cell. Add the below code in CollectionViewCell class.create_collection_view_in_Xamarin_tvOS_without_using_storyboard_2 create_collection_view_in_Xamarin_tvOS_without_using_storyboard_3
  3. Create a new DataSource Class. Add the below code in CollectionViewDataSource class.create_collection_view_in_Xamarin_tvOS_without_using_storyboard_4
  4. Add the Delegate class. Add the below code in CollectionViewDelegateFlowLayout class.create_collection_view_in_Xamarin_tvOS_without_using_storyboard_5
  5. Add the model class. Add the below code in SuperHeroModel class.create_collection_view_in_Xamarin_tvOS_without_using_storyboard_6
    After adding the above code, We will able to see the below collection view design.create_collection_view_in_Xamarin_tvOS_without_using_storyboard_7


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