How to integrate DocuSign in a .Net project?

How to integrate DocuSign in a .Net project?

31 March 2021

In this blog, we’ll see the way to integrate DocuSign integration in Asp.Net.

Introduction to DocuSign

DocuSign is an eSignature technology that provides a way to sign the document electronically. The features of DocuSign include user identity management and authentication services. Nowadays, a lot of software companies ask us to sign on a device to accept their contract, correct? Okay, so the first step is to create a trial account on DocuSign. For testing, we can use a trial account until it goes to production.

How to start?

Step 1: Creating a test account

To get started, click here. It’s a Sandbox environment account and it will take you to the following API details screen. Fill in the required fields and get started.

Step 2: Generate Integrator Key

The Integrator key acts as the client id for the OAuth token. You can generate multiple integrator keys in the sandbox environment but when your API gets certified, only one integrator key can be used for the production environment. Make sure that you are using a valid integrator key in the sandbox environment Using the integrator key, we can integrate DocuSign API into your application. Also, this integrator key will serve as a token for the user.

Your account will be without an integrator key by default, so you have to create an integrator key. Click “Add integrator key” to create an integrator key.

How to integrate DocuSign in a .Net project?

How to integrate DocuSign in a .Net project?

Step 3: Create ASP.NET MVC Empty project 

In visual studio select New Project — ASP.NET Web Application and enter your application name (“TestDocusign”).

Click OK.

Select Empty ASP.NET MVC template and click OK to create the new project.

Once you click OK, the project will be created with the basic MVC architecture.

Create a Controller and View:

Now, create an empty Controller and View. Here, I created a Controller with the name of “DocusignController”. Whenever we create an empty Controller, it is created with an empty Index action method. And create an empty View of this action method “Index”.

In visual studio using “Package Manager Console” install Docusign Integrations client from NuGet and enable it in your application,

Step 4: Integration key validation

Now, implement the logic in your controller to validate the generated integration key.

How to integrate DocuSign in a .Net project?

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