How to request Twitter for email access?

How to request Twitter for email access?



01 August 2016

While integrating with Twitter, 1 common problem is, How to request Twitter for email access?. In order to retrieve a user’s Email address during the Social Authentication process, Twitter requires you to request permission. You can follow the below steps to request access to this field from Twitter and have the email returned in the normalized User Profile Data.
  1. Navigate to the Twitter Request Form
  2. Select “I need access to special permissions from the listed options” Fill out the requested fields for the APP you are going to be using to request the User profile.
  3. After you have requested access, the Twitter team will respond in a few days with either a notification of acceptance or a request for additional information on what this permission will be used for.
  4. Once your app has been whitelisted to request this data point, log in to your Twitter Dev account and navigate Manage Your Apps->Select Whitelisted App.
  5. On your App navigate to the Permissions tab. There will be a new section called “Additional Permissions”. Enable the “Request email addresses from users” permission and the Email address will be returned in the User Profile.

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