How to Update an Existing Roku Application?

Vishal Patil

Vishal Patil

05 February 2019

There is a constant need for applications to be updated from time to time.  In case you have made a few updates or changes to your Roku application or channel and you want to deploy these changes in your existing application on Roku Channel Store, you need to submit the application to Roku Channel Store for publishing. This documentation will let you know how to update these changes on the Roku Channel Store.

Here is a list of changes that you may need to resubmit:

  • New assets (Channel Icons, Splash Screen Images or static images that you are stored in channel package)
  • Monetization changes
  • Issue fixes
  • Updated Roku SDKs changes or new features etc.

Once updates are ready and have been tested successfully, you need to create a package of Roku Application or channel these changes to resubmit the Roku Channel Store for publishing. Please follow the  link below for packaging the Roku channel (

Once the packaging is completed, then you need to follow the steps below to submit the updated Roku channel package on the Roku Channel Store.

Log in Roku Developer Account

  • Click on the profile icon to see the drop-down list. Select the Developers option.

Select Developers Option

Select the Manage Roku Channel

  • Select the channel that you would like to resubmit, and click Preview and Update.
  • On the Preview and Upload page, you will see the drop-down list Preview and Publish. Select Package Upload to submit a new version.

Select Package Upload

  • On the Package Upload screen, select channel version as mentioned in the manifest file, minimum firmware and upload Channel Package file which you have created previously.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page and you will come back to Preview and Publish page.
  • Then you can see the static analysis having a yellow triangle, click on it and check the error and warning before submitting the channel.  
  • On the Preview and Publish page, there will be a Submit for Publishing button at the bottom of the page. Click to complete the resubmission process.  

Note – Roku typically takes 5 business days to test and approve the submitted application.

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