Implementing Complex Features With Android Development

Implementing Complex Features With Android Development

14 February 2022

Implementing Complex Features With Android Development

No matter what Android development language you are using, be it Java, Kotlin, React Native or any other language there are always things you can do to become a more effective programmer. It is time to break down how to organize your workflow so you can speed up your Android development time while still implementing complex features. Specifically, we will look at user stories, design, and implementing solutions. One example of impressive Android development is Novomatic slots.

Perform a Deep Dive Into the Feature 

If you want to implement complex features quickly, you better really know the features you are working with. This will always be the best practice for Android app development.

We recommend you start by looking at the big picture by trawling through the different design plans. Then slowly go deeper and deeper into the user story to help you build context around the features. Once you have wrapped your mind around the user stories, it is time to create lists of the different tasks you will be required to perform. In the beginning, these should not be too detailed. Keep them as broad as possible. Each user story that features in your Android development process should only have a few points.

Simplify Your Decision Making

Once you have a list with an overview of the requirements, it is time to sketch out some general solutions for your Android development. It is the perfect time to select the particular navigation components and code module.

A tip for this stage of your Android workflow is to only make the big and obvious decisions. The detailed and more complex decisions should be left for a later stage when you absorb more information as you go through your Android development process.

We recommend you take a proactive approach and interact with your team members as early as possible. You should be asking for their opinion and can do some rough coding and discuss it. Rough coding is an underrated android development tool. By involving your team members early, it keeps everyone on the same page, simplifying the whole development process.

Break The Task Down

To break the task down, you need to select a point from the initial list and then create a sublist of the steps involved. Every time you run into a new problem or mini task, simply add it to your sublist. The best Android development teams are always simplifying tasks.

The secret is to keep the tasks small so that they are perfect for quick implementation. At this stage, it is best to forget about more complex steps such as error handling or data displays. Those steps are best left for a later point in the Android software development process.

Keep The Code Simple

When you are writing your Android code, you need to keep things super simple. You should only focus on the specific requirement you are working on. Simple code is a sign of effective Android development. If you start thinking too far ahead, you can easily run into trouble and over-code, making Android development more difficult.

We recommend that once you have tested your code works, you make a commit and then cross that item off your sublist and continue with the next related one.

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Implementing Complex Features With Android Development

Simply Code Review

Once you have finally run out of points on your sublist, it is time to prepare a pull request. The pull request should be taken from the sub-branch to the feature branch. This allows the reviewer to see the whole code but study it in smaller pieces, speeding up the development process.

In the preparation stage, you must analyze all of the changes. This pre-review can speed up the following code review. You should keep a close eye out for typos and other minor issues.

Then it is time to merge and create a final pull request. This helps reviewers quickly browse the code to spot things like unnecessary logs and navigation shortcuts. Following the merging process, your Android development feature is ready for quality assurance.


We know Android application development is not easy, especially when you are trying to implement complex development features quickly. However, if you follow our strategy of studying design plans, really trying to understand the user stories, creating lists and sublists and simplifying your coding, you will succeed. The overall development philosophy is keeping tasks small and simple and working through them in a logical fashion to prevent stalling and demotivation. Our tips will help experienced programmers or beginners who have just downloaded the Google Android development kit.

We would love for you to give us a mini Android development tutorial in the comments. Please post your Android development tips below.

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