Introduction to Cloud Run and its features

Introduction to Cloud Run and its features



30 March 2020

As you know, Google Cloud provides the facility to pay only for those resources which you use but what if it saves your time too?

Well, Google Cloud provides a service named Cloud Run which is a fully managed serverless executing environment. That means, you do not need to worry about the Infrastructure management. You can focus on building great applications only.

Cloud Run is built in Knative open‐source project, it can be used for both Google Cloud Platform as well as Anthos. This presents various ways to use the Cloud Run service on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on-premises and in other clouds. Also, the Cloud Run service gives you an auto-scaling facility which depends on the factors like CPU utilization, number of requests, etc and you will be billed only when your code is running.


  • Client‐driven web services: Cloud Run provides the facility to create dynamic web as well as mobile applications and you will only pay when the application is used and you do not need to worry about additional infrastructure costs.
  • Automated asynchronous microservices: A complex business needs increasing numbers of systems. These systems need to be integrated and connected. Cloud Run provides a proper way for a well‐understood business logic. This logic can easily be packaged in the Docker containers. After this, run these containers privately and securely in a fully managed environment.

How to use Cloud Run for an application:

  1. Enable the Cloud Run API.
  2. Write the application using the programming language of your choice.
  3. Containerize your application.
  4. Build your container image using Cloud Build.
  5. Deploy your containerized application to Cloud Run.


Features of Cloud Run:

  • Any Language: You can use any programming language to build the application.
  • Fully managed: There is no infrastructure to manage. If you have deployed your application, Cloud Run will manage all the services.
  • Auto-scaling feature: Cloud Run automatically scales up or down as per the traffic.
  • Built on the Knative: Cloud Run is built on the open‐source project named as Knative. It enables the portability of workloads across the platforms.
  • Custom Domains: Cloud Run Maps the services to your own domains.
  • Developing Experience: Cloud Run Provides a simple command‐line and user interface. It quickly deploys and manages your service.
  • Redundancy: Services provided in Cloud Run are regional and automatically replicated across multiple zones.

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