Language: A means of conveying your own thoughts.

Language: A means of conveying your own thoughts.

23 December 2021


What if you really want to say something to someone you love or care for but you don’t know the language they understand or speak ?

Just thinking of this makes you feel terrified maybe ? Or maybe you might use a translator but somehow you might think that “ I wish I knew the language so that I can freely convey my feelings “ .…

Language is an essential component of human interaction. Every creature in the earth has their own way of conveying their thoughts or things. We use language to express our thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others. It is capable of both developing and destroying societies.

It’s just language that may differ but the feeling of conveying the message might be the same. Every language has its own syntax, vocabulary, and structure. Now let us focus on our topic and find out why it is important to learn any language to convey our thoughts.


Language is evolving in accordance with culture. Eralier people used to use sign language to communicate. Many people find it difficult to explain themselves orally, so they choose to use a digital message or text to convey the writer’s emotions or clarify intent. Now that we have limitless technology, we may express our feelings via Emoticons (Emojis).


We have brilliant people on Earth. And all are full of intelligence. People nowadays can speak multiple languages to express themselves. Companies are also looking for people who speak as many languages as they can, because they have foreign clients to work with. Knowing as many languages as possible is an advantage in today’s world. Not only professional advantage but one can have a vast knowledge of culture by knowing the other lagnuages.


Many of us might take it casually but, Language is a vital life skill to have, especially in school and in work. We should not forget that to convey any message we need to have a good command over the language of our audience. And for that we need to keep a few elements in mind while speaking any language.

  • Clarity
  • Usage of simple words
  • Persuasion skills
  • Culture

“Only if words are felt, corporeal presences, like echoes or waterfalls, can we appreciate the power of spoken language to affect, alter, and transform the perceptual world,”wrote modern American philosopher David Abram (Abram, 1997).
This sentence incorporates several of language’s most powerful features.


Language, as we have learned, is essentially boundless. Slang is a great example of how language changes over time. Slang is a phrase used to describe innovative or adapted language that is specific to a group, environment, or time period; it is less formal and shows people’s creative language play.


Language can bring us together or using inappropriate language can separate people as well. So here is a take away that to become people’s favorite one not only need to have a good command over language but, also need to have a knowledge of using it in an acceptable manner.

Now after knowing the fact that that language is very important to express your feelings. You can tell your loved one’s that how much you love them. : )

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