Livongo- The usage of BG Meter (Device Firmware)

Livongo- The usage of BG Meter (Device Firmware)

28 September 2020

The Livongo Blood Sugar observation System (Livongo BGMS) is an associated Over-The-Counter (OTC) device used by persons with the polygenic disease in-home settings for the quantitative measuring of glucose in recent whole blood samples from the fingertips. It’s meant to be used by individuals with diabetes reception as associate aid to observe the effectiveness of their polygenic disease management program. The Livongo BG meter may not be used for the diagnosis of /or screening for diabetes or babe use. The Livongo BGMS is meant to be utilized by one person and may not be shared.

The Livongo blood glucose meter will take a look at the Strips (Livongo strips) area unit used with the Livongo glucose Meter (Livongo Meter) within the quantitative measuring of glucose in recent capillary blood from the tip.

The Livongo management resolution is to be used with the Livongo Meter and Livongo takes a look at Strips as a high-quality management check to verify that the meter is working fine or not and take a look at stripes area units operating along properly which then take a look at its activity properly.


The Livongo Meter is related to a Livongo member account that mechanically captures all the blood sugar information and connected info entered, and displays tables and charts on the Member Portal associated with the Livongo Account.

About the meter

The Livongo Meter is easy to use. It has a color touch screen that lets you easily select features like checking your blood glucose, viewing your Logbook, sharing your results, and viewing Healthy Living tips. With the help of a meter, you can see multiple things.

It gives accurate glucose test results in just 5 seconds after taking the blood sample.

The Livongo Meter stores your blood glucose reading in its memory so that you will be able to read it later. The meter will mechanically send your blood sugar information wirelessly and firmly to your Livongo Member Account.  After that, you’ll be able to send your results to your health care team to assist you and your health care team will manage your polygenic disorder.

The meter can inform you about the running out of check strips and wish to reorder. However, the Livongo Meter isn’t meant to produce automatic treatment steerage or choices, and it’s not a substitute for your skilled health care supplier.

Test Strips

The Livongo Test Strips are used to measure glucose in whole blood. The Livongo Strips are designed for use with the Livongo BG meter only. It can not be used for other Meters. Users can use each strip once. If they try to use it more then one time then the meter can give wrong BG reading.

The Livongo Test Strips are packaged as a count of 50 strips in sealed vials.


Livongo Control Solution

The Livongo Control Solution is used as a sample to take Blood Glucose reading. With the help of the control solution, we can test whether the test strips and the meter are working together properly or not and the test performing properly or not.

The control solution can also be used as a practice to take the readings and also to check whether you are performing the correct test procedure without using your own blood sample.

If the measured reading is within the range of the control solution then the meter is working properly.

Livongo Lancing Device and Lancets

The Livongo Lancing Device is intended in use with the Lancets. These are sterile lances which are used to draw blood from the fingertips. With the help of lancets, the BG meter can use the strips to take the blood sample from the finger and give the exact Blood Glucose reading.



  • The Livongo Meter must only be used outside the body.
  • It should only be used with Livongo Blood Glucose Test Strips and Livongo Control Solutions.
  • It should only be used for testing glucose with fresh capillary whole blood samples.
  • It should NOT be stored in the refrigerator or in the car.


  • The Livongo Meter should be kept out of the children’s reach as it has small parts.
  • You should always have a backup monitor as any monitor may fail or break.
  • If you take a blood sample of a person then do not use Used Strip and Needle.


There are some limitations due to which the test strip will give an accurate result:

  • Each test strip should be used for only one time.
  • Use only fresh blood samples from the finger.
  • Use fresh Lancets to take the blood sample from the finger.
  • The meter should be used in the temperature range of 5 degrees celsius to 45 degrees celsius.
  • If a patient is critically ill then he/she should not be tested with the Livongo Meter.


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