LookML for Looker

LookML for Looker

21 February 2022

Looker is a big data analytics platform and software that helps you to explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics easily. It can easily integrate into business workflows, embeds into third-party systems, and enables companies to build their own data applications.

What is LookML?

LookML is a language used in Looker for describing dimensions, calculations and data relationships in a SQL database.

  • A LookML project is a collection of dashboard, model and view files. They are version controlled via a Git repository.
  • The View files contain the information about how to calculate information about each table or across multiple tables depending upon the joins.
  • The Model files contain information about which table to use and how it should be joined together.
  • An Explore is defined within a model file which is a starting point for users to query.
  • The Dashboard contains the visualizations.

The above mentioned can be represented as:


Here is a code snippet for model file:


Here is a code snippet for view file:


Advantages of looker:

  • API enabled data experience
  • Optimized for the cloud
  • No desktop software required
  • Easy to use
  • Many plugin options to Integrates with databases and big data platforms
  • Excellent customer and technical support available through chat in seconds
  • Easy link-sharing  that makes collaborating with teams simple

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