Mailinator: A gmail template testing tool

Mailinator: A gmail template testing tool



16 March 2020

Mailinator: A gmail template testing tool

Mailinator is an open email administration. At the end of the day, Mailinator is a site that acknowledges messages from completely any location Any email you can consider is made when email shows up! From that point, the Mailinator site at that point lets anybody read any of those messages.

From QA’s point of view, you can use this to test communication features at the sender’s as well as the recipient’s end. We can use the and the mail land in the Public Inbox. From the public inbox, we can have access to both the sender and recipient end.

These mails are often addressed as disposable mails. Following are the steps to create a disposable mail:

  • Make a base name and your first dispensable email address 
  • Click the Settings symbol . 
  • Click  More Settings. 
  • Click Mailboxes. 
  • Click the More symbol. beside “Expendable email address.” 
  • Click Add. 
  • Enter a base name, at that point click Next. 
  • Enter a catchphrase after the base name. 
  • Alternatively, enter your sending name and a portrayal.

You can send email to any address facilitated at these administrations and afterward physically watch that inbox to check whether your mail showed up. You can affix the date or timestamp (contingent upon your testing recurrence), so as to guarantee the uniqueness of your location. On the off chance that you need it, Guerrilla Mail likewise permits you to send messages.


As you can see that we can not only use this for mail testing but for SMS a feature as well.

Mailinator is more helpful with subscriptions.

There are a number of tools which allows us to use disposable emails for testing; Below are the tools:

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