Migrate for Compute Engine

Migrate for Compute Engine

08 March 2022

Migrate for Compute engine is used for migrating the workloads from different environments to Google Cloud. Whether you want to migrate one application from on-premises or one thousand enterprise-grade applications across multiple data centers, you can go with Migrate for Compute Engine for large or small migration of workloads to Google Cloud.

Advantages of Migrate for Compute Engine:

  • It reduces time and toil while migrating
  • It avoids complex deployments, setup, and configurations
  • It eliminates confusing and client-side migration tool agents


  • Advanced replication technology – This helps to copy the instance data to Google Cloud in the background without any interruptions.
  • Pre-migration validation and testing – This feature allows non-disruptive testing of production workloads and data directly in the cloud, within an isolated environment.
  • On-premises utilization reports – This helps to plan the destination instance sizes with help from built-in on-premises utilization reports.
  • Programmable migrations
  • Automatic and seamless adaptations
  • Destination flexibility

Migration Process

Migrate for Compute Engine has been fully integrated into the Google Cloud console, so you can perform all the tasks within the Google Cloud Console UI.

The migration process includes the following different phases:

  • Onboard: Select a source VM which you want to migrate to the Google cloud.
  • Replication: You will replicate the data from the source VM to Google Cloud. It is a continuous process which takes place in the background until the final cut over or  the migration is deleted.
  • Set VM target details: Compute Engine settings should be configured for the migrated VM.
  • Test-clone: You can optionally create a Compute Engine clone of the source VM from the replication data and test it on Google Cloud.
  • Cut over: You will migrate the source VM to Compute Engine.
  • Finalize: You will perform any final cleanup after a successful migration.

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