Most Innovative Supply Chain Leader Of The Year 2023

Most Innovative Supply Chain Leader Of The Year 2023

09 February 2023

Tudip has been awarded as Most Innovative Supply Chain Leader of the Year 2023
– By Inflection Awards

The most renowned prizes in India, the Inflection Awards, promote innovation and excellence in fields including technology, supply chain, finance, marketing, and e-commerce by facilitating industry leaders’ terms. The Inflection Awards are the most prestigious awards given in India in the following categories: manufacturing, cold chain/cargo, start-up, supply chain, 40 under 40 and 30 under 30. It commends the leading companies, teams, and organizations for their innovations and excellence. In addition, Inflection Awards provides unheard-of opportunities for networking, education, and acknowledgment, and more than 600 topic experts come together online to acknowledge their achievements. Above all, it is the ideal chance to acknowledge the dedication of your team through external benchmarking.

The Inflection Awards for this year was held on February 2, 2023, at the Novotel in Juhu, Mumbai. Tudip has won the title of “Most Innovative Supply Chain Leader of the Year 2023” out of 200 supply chain awards. In the area of market strategy and innovation, Tudip has once again demonstrated its canon. Tudip has quickly become the most admired company because of its agile methodologies, innovative technical solutions and dynamic marketing practices.

Tudip is an IT-based business that offers its clients a comprehensive selection of excellent solutions with Integrity, Innovations, and Serenity. Tudip started its extraordinary journey from a smaller, local business to a multinational enterprise with locations in seven different nations on April 5, 2010. As of today, the company has 500+ employees, 3 substantial plots of land, 2 buildings, a few virtual offices, and was founded with just four members and a rented office. From fledgling, niche companies to multibillion dollar corporations, they serve as clients. It is accredited by CMMI level 5, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and the Cyber Security Alliance.

Tudip offers services in product engineering, UI/UX development, quality assurance, AI/ML, support maintenance, cloud infrastructure, devops, and translation. To scale it up digitally, they are also working in the fields of agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and IT. By providing a cutting edge solution supported by innovations using best in class methodology and best in breed technology, our objective is to carve out a niche.

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