Quick Overview Of Salesforce

Quick Overview Of Salesforce

04 February 2022

What is Salesforce

Before starting about Salesforce lets see the definition of CRM. Basically it’s a platform that enables businesses to manage customer relationships known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Salesforce is an American Cloud-based software company in California. Basically it provides  CRM i.e., customer relationship management services. For example, Salesforce focused on analytics, customer service, marketing automation, and applications development. It means that Salesforce brings companies and customers together.

Why we should learn Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM platform. It helps our sales, marketing, and other services like  and IT teams work as one from anywhere due to which we can keep our customers happy everywhere.
The reason that Salesforce is popular is that it is packed with various features like opportunity tracking, workflow creation, customer engagement tools, contact management, task management, collaboration tools, analytics and an intuitive mobile-ready dashboard.

What are the reasons to choose Salesforce for the business

These are the few reasons:

1. Scalability & Customisation

It has the capacity to scale up. Also, It takes the unique purchase history of every client and with the Salesforce App Cloud, businesses can create and run all of their personalized applications.

2.Packed with features for market and salespersons

Salesforce has features such as contact management, task management, collaboration tools, customer engagement tools, workflow creation, analytics and an intuitive, opportunity tracking, mobile-ready dashboard.

3. Multitenant architecture

It means that all customers will have a common networking, hardware and software platform and also ensures that updates and upgrades are instantaneous, without any requirement of customer intervention.

4. Partner ecosystem

One of the interesting things about Salesforce is that when you become a Salesforce AppExchange partner then you will have access to the widest range of free and popular apps. By the help of this we can develop apps for Salesforce and market as well as we have access to a wide range of tools.

5. The advantages of Salesforce cloud apps

Salesforce offers several innovative Software as a service solutions which enable businesses to use a common platform.

6. Security

Salesforce has pre-installed security features which allow business owners to decide who within their organization can access their data.

List of prominent companies which rely on Salesforce

Spotify,The New York Post, Amazon Web Services, U.S. Banks, Toyota,Macy’s, T-Mobile and many more are there.

Career in Salesforce

We all know that gaining knowledge in any field having certification will play an important role.  Lets see Salesforce Certifications and  why they’re Important.

  • It helps increase our knowledge about your specific domain like sales, customers, and relationships.
  • It enhances our existing skill.
  • It boosts our value to the current company or other companies.

List of most in demand Salesforce Certification

There is no better way to validate our skills than a certification so you can refer these list of top 7 Salesforce certification:

  1. Salesforce Data Analyst
  2. Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
  3. Salesforce Developer
  4. Salesforce Administrator.
  5. Salesforce Architect
  6. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
  7. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator


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