Sign Off & Conditional Sign Off

Sign Off & Conditional Sign Off



20 August 2019

QA Sign Off

The main aim of a QA is to make sure that the software meets the customer’s  needs without harming the application.

The formal way of declaring this process is Sign Off. The QA can acknowledge that they have reviewed and tested the application and now the application is ready to release.


Who all are responsible for Sign Off?

This process has been done after doing the complete testing of the software by the testing team.

When the testing team tests the application completely and when the exit criteria meet, they can send the mail/communicate for Sign Off.

Usually, the Test Manager, Project Manager, and Business Analyst takes the responsibilities and agrees to the QA Sign Off.


Criteria for QA Sign Off

As we know, QA can do Sign off after meeting the exit criteria, the exit criteria should be already mentioned in the Test Plan document. In exit criteria, the QA checks the following things:

  1. All the necessary test plans should Run.
  2. The software should meet Customer needs.
  3. There should be no High/Immediate/Urgent issues present in the Software.
  4. All the priorities task should get done.
  5. All the priority test cases should Run and should pass the execution.
  6. The level of Requirement coverage should meet.
  7. The development activities should not go beyond the cost of the project.
  8. The development activities should not cross the deadline.


What is Conditional Sign Off?

When the Software does not meet the exit criteria, the QA can do the Conditional Sign Off. For example, when the software development activities cross the deadline and the tester has not completed the testing, they can do the Conditional Sign Off after communicating with their Test Manager.

Sometimes, when there is a bug present in the app which is not solved yet, the QAs can actually communicate with the client. If the product owner does not have any problem, the QAs can do Conditional Sign Off with the “Known Issues”. 




Company Name,

Company Address


Test case execution by: –

Test case execution date: –


This letter certifies that the milestone is now completed and the software is meeting the customer’s needs.

It also ensures that all the test cases has been executed successfully and the component of the software is working properly.


Please find the test result below:


Test Result


Exit Criteria Test Team  Notes
All test cases have been executed Yes
97% passed test cases  Yes
All reported issues have been solved Yes Only 2 low priority issues are opened
All defects logged Yes
Test Environment cleaned up and a new backup of the environment NA
Test closure activities completed and signed off Yes


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