The Next Era Cloud Computing

The Next Era Cloud Computing

09 December 2021

As we all know, cloud computing is becoming the next revolution in the Industries. Providing  the central storage for internet data and services that have potential to bring data transmission, performance, security, privacy, data dialogue and inefficient architecture to the next level.

Enabling the new era of cloud computing are : The data security,transfer and the management.

Discuss cloud computing is  an emerging technology and critical role in the industry.

Upgrade and economic development in the future.Multi cloud strategies are emerging as a dominant part of  organizations long term It roadmaps.

With nearly half of the respondent indicating they have chosen the new provider in the last year, it is clear that shares of the cloud market are completely up for grabs between the major providers. What is the most important for the organization now a days is investing in the right cloud strategy for their workloads.

More than price for the vendor incentives, security and technical requirements are top drivers of cloud decision making and according to the study more than half of respondents indicated that security considerations has a ‘significant impact’ on the final decision when choosing the provider.As we know In addition to organizations moving toward multi cloud strategies, private cloud environments remain important to the organization attempting to make optimal workload to cloud placement decision.

Doerr said that  After major disruptions in the past year, the need for a modern technology stack is fuelling cloud adoption in every industry. To capitalize on the opportunity are available in the market now a day, cloud providers must meet the complex security and the legacy workload the organization needs. In few years, the data centers and the managed service provider has provided customer with the most up to date capabilities and services.

The Next Era Cloud Computing

The shift from infrastructure as a service to platform as a service offering has put hyperscale in the drivers seat of the cloud computing market. They offer to manage the services that are the building block for modern and cloud native applications. While the hyper scale public cloud model is an attractive proposition for the large number of customers, there are many existing and planned use cases and business models for which the traditional local data center and MSPs are a better fit. The reasons vary in some cases, it is the need for absolute separation of data. In other cases, it is related to governance and regulations. And sometimes, customer required customizations related to unique application architectures.

These managed services accessed through a single API enable local data centers to offer the

customer cloud native capability without needing the expertise to run the service themselve. Cloud computing also enables the customers to connect with any legacy infrastructure and to customise a hybrid or multi cloud architecture that is best suited to their requirements.

Some Example of Company who started using cloud

ocean network express, the owner of the worlds sixth largest container ship fleet and it has selected Google cloud to help with the digital transformation.

Vodafone is using google cloud to build a new data platform and migrate its SAP workload in the extension of the company partnership and the another key telecom use cases.

Spotify is one of the google cloud cornerstone customers representing a step change toward the google enterprise ambitions

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