Top 10 Practical Tips You Can Follow Today to Increase Your Website Sales

Top 10 Practical Tips You Can Follow Today to Increase Your Website Sales

10 August 2021

Most people create websites intending to increase sales. However, most end up failing to hit their target sales. The reason is that they fail to adhere to best website practices.

Indeed, having an online presence for your eCommerce store brings a basket of benefits to your business. First, online presence presents your brand to many online shoppers found within your locality and on a global scale. As you might be aware, most people now prefer online shopping to physical shopping. The trend is what has led to an increase in eCommerce sales. Statista now projects eCommerce sales to hit $6.5 Trillion by 2023.

Having an online presence by creating a business website can help you increase your leads, conversion rates, and sales. However, it is not guaranteed that your sales and revenues will shoot to extreme heights by just having a website. It is not always a fair ride. You have to know some of the unique ways to increase sales. If you do not know where to start, then this article has got your back.

Use Simple and Clean Web Pages:

The question of how to improve eCommerce business has its answer in web design. Your website is like the engine that propels your business to the outside world. If its design is deficient, people might decide not to do any business with you. Research published by Blue Corona reveals that 48% of people determine the reliability of a website by looking at its design.

If you want to sell out your website to the public, you must avoid a busy design. Busy web pages tend to lose their allure quite quickly. In addition, web visitors find it hard to scan through an intricate design. One of the unique ways to increase sales for your eCommerce store is by avoiding cluttering your pages. Always be precise and use as little text and graphics as possible.

Show Customer Testimonials and Trust Signals:

Before customers buy from your website, they will want to know the experience your previous customers had. Therefore, a review and feedback section will present you with one of the most effective weapons in your arsenal.

A legion of satisfied clients could be more influential than a well-crafted sales copy. The best strategy is to compel your customers to include some gushing reviews and feedback. You can have the reviews sections on landing pages, product pages, and your homepage. It is vital that you promptly deal with customer issues to encourage them to give positive reviews.

Similarly, you should include trust signals on your website. Trust signals will help to create a good perception of your business in the minds of your customers.

Display Security Indicators:

Data breaches are skyrocketing every day. If your customers realize that your website is insecure, they will never be willing to visit your website, let alone buy from it. However, there are several website security tips that you can take to ensure that your website is safe. For instance, you should follow best password practices, use two-factor authentication, install security plugins, use SSL certificates to encrypt data, carry out regular data backups, conduct regular software updates, among many others.

Your customers will want you to assure them that your website is secure. To do that, you must use the secure transfer protocol called HTTPS. Secure websites will have their URLs starting with HTTPS, while insecure websites will begin with HTTP. Therefore, your customers can quickly know if your website is protected by looking at your URL address.

All you need to have the HTTPS address is an SSL certificate. You should buy your SSL certificate from a trusted certificate provider. There are several SSL certificate types that you can buy depending on your needs. Some of the leading names in SSL certificates include Rapid SSL, Comodo SSL, GlobalSign, and GoDaddy.

You also have an option to buy a Wildcard certificate if you have multiple first-level subdomains to secure in addition to the chosen primary domain. A cost-saver and future-proof option, the wildcard SSL certificate is the perfect option for ecommerce websites.

Offer Money-Back Guarantees:

One of the most pertinent decision factors that consumers look at before buying anything online is risk aversion. Customers want to know what they will do if your products fail to work or do not meet their expectations. You have to reduce this risk by offering a money-back guarantee. That way, your customers will buy from you without caring much about the potential dangers. To persuade your customers to purchase from you, you must have a money-back guarantee policy.

Invest in Quality Images, Videos, and Graphics:
You have probably heard of the phrase “one picture is more than a thousand words.” Adding pictures and videos will help to increase conversion rates. Videos and images help to reduce the number of words you would use. Most web visitors find it hard to read through long texts, and they will prefer video descriptions, images, and graphics. To attract more people to your website and increase sales, you should invest in quality videos and pictures.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices:

More than half of internet traffic is now accruing from mobile devices. This trend will continue as more and more people prefer, purchase and browse using smartphones.

An Ericsson Mobility Report projects that mobile traffic will increase by 25% in 2025. The trends tell you one thing- that it is time to go mobile. You have been missing a lot if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile. A good percentage of your potential customers will use mobile devices to access your website. Most of them will quickly turn away if they find your website unresponsive to their mobile traffic.

To leverage the massive traffic accruing from mobile devices, you must make a mobile-friendly website. Having a mobile-friendly website increases user experience, conversion rates, and sales.

Explain Your Value Proposition:

Most eCommerce stores lose sales by focusing too much on themselves. Your customers are very concerned about how you will make their lives better and solve their problems. Only your products and services will solve their problems.

It would help if you gave your customers a reason to buy your products. The greater the value your products, services, and website creates, the more sales you make.

Have a Social Media Presence:

Another perfect digital marketing tool you can leverage is a social presence. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp can help market your products to new audiences. All you have to do is have a link that directs your web visitors from your website to your social media accounts.

Have Simple and Frictionless Check Out Pages:

According to Business Insider, last year saw one of the highest cart abandonment numbers, amounting to about $4 Trillion. This is truly a jaw-dropping figure. It tells you how crucial it is to nail your check-out page. Users who find it hard to check out after selecting items from your eCommerce website end up abandoning their carts.

It would be best to eliminate all hurdles that might hinder your customers from having a frictionless check-out process. Ensure that you do not time up your users and make them start the shopping process again. Most of them will not be in the mood to do so and will choose to shop somewhere else.

Provide Multiple Reliable Payment Options:

You are dealing with a dynamic consumer base that prefers different payment options. You want your prospects to buy from you, and this is why you should give them the payment options they are okay with. The best strategy here is to have as many payment options as possible.

You must have all the popular payment options such as credit cards, Visa and Mastercard, PayPal options, direct bank transfers, and many others. It would be best if you also were vigilant to include the new payment options coming up daily. For instance, cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of popularity, and it would be wise to have it as one of the payment options.


Creating a website is one of the crucial steps to success. A website gives you an online presence that you so much need to reach out to global prospects. However, creating a website is one thing, and creating a website that increases your sales is another thing. The game does not stop where website creation ends. Creating a successful website requires that you follow some of the best tips that will help you increase your sales. This article has explained to you some of the ways to boost your website sales.

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