Top 8 Latest Database Management Platforms in 2022

Top 8 Latest Database Management Platforms in 2022

07 March 2022

Digital transformation empowers the world to leaps and bounds, and every sector is flourishing with its rightful implementation. Whether it’s a small organization, private venture, or the pharmaceutical company Germany, the impact of software integration and automation is evident everywhere. The primary task of this software is to store fundamental data and impart advanced facilities to the users.

What’s the Role of a Database Management Software?

Database replicates the storage hub where all confidential and vital data or reports can be stored. It helps secure all sensitive data so that the entities can retrieve it whenever required. Off late, even the pharma contract manufacturing companies use DBMS systems to curate a responsive and efficient web development application.

A recent report revealed that around 91% of the companies are already using CRM software, and the market of such development is bound to reach new heights. Below slated down is a list of the top 8 popular database management software in 2022.

8 Popular Database Management Platforms

1. The Oracle

A widely used platform for a commercial system is the Oracle, which comes with several built-in languages like Java, C++, and C. Its latest versions include a slew of several features that stands over the others. This has a speedy data processor and requires a compact space backed with other advanced features essential to restore essential data. This system is splurging out with popularity across all areas due to its extensive use.

2. MySQL

The next database management software widely used for web application development is MySQL. It is a robust and stable system used even in the pharmaceutical company Germany to deal with several errors and issues. It supports the C and C++ structured language and works as a better recovery option. You can spot it in multiple editions, and it comes along with a large number of exciting features.

3. MongoDB

Another leading database management platform used in 2022 via NoSQL DBMS is MongoDB. It’s the first-ever software released in 2009, and it’s trivial to access and load data with this system. This supports several object-relevant programming languages that need added application-level mapping. For overcoming the issues, Mongo underwent further development to manage the document data effectively.

4. IBM DB2

The best DBMS Sofware is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Unix. The latest release was out with DB2 11.5, and it fastens up the query execution. A massive list of databases related to mobile apps effectively support the relational model and witnessed a considerable spike in the past several years. This system is also rich in object-relational features and some non-relational ones like XML and JSON.

5. Redis

Next leading option for the open-source database platform is Redis. It seeks a top ranking for the preferred database platform. Several pharma contract manufacturing companies count on it for the in-memory and key-value database. It is also utilized as the message broker or the cache that comes with better durability.

6. ElasticSearch

It is a next-level open-core full-text search engine from Lucene. It was released in 2010, and Shay Banon was the creator. This DBMS system has a multi-tenant capacity and the REST API that helps in better structuring and data monitoring. Elasticsearch comprises an automatic sharing of horizontal scaling, which supports schema less data and structured data. It is also possible to keep track of logging and data monitoring via this platform.

7. Cassandra

This database management system software has an open core and distributed application system developed in 2008. Big industries make use of this application for the management and handling of massive data chunks. Its crucial feature is the decentralized database with automatic or multi-data center replication. This database can complete various operations, and it can head up a long way in ensuring centralized automation.

8. Neo4j

The next option for database management software is Neo4j. Since its launch in 2007, this has been an open-source and Java-based database that recognizes the Cypher query language. It is a perfect DBMS system that helps save graphs and depicts all the data when required.

Concluding Words

The database management system is a stepping stone to digitalization on which most of the organizations these days are thriving. Its assistance, precision, and accuracy can help craft user-friendly solutions that could impart timely and effective outcomes. You can choose an apt alternative for your entity after sneaking through the popular database management platforms, features, and prices.

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