Tudip Work Culture

Tudip Work Culture

28 August 2020

We at Tudip Technologies believe that highly motivated employees tend to be more productive, better skilled, participative and want to grow in life when compared to their unengaged counterparts.  We at Tudip Technologies just do not provide a job but a career with a bright future. It has always been very tough for organizations to balance out between the work culture and simultaneously keep expanding business. So what makes these employees so important and why do they play an irreplaceable role in making or breaking the culture of an organization?

Our employees are basically the backbone and it’s the hard work and the dedication that these Tudipians put in for a successful project and that’s when the clients are happy. When the client is happy, we are happy and the credit goes to the team who actually got things done. We at Tudip believe that these guys are the one who makes the culture as culture is carried forward from the top management and their beliefs. We luckily have strong pillars and that is the reason Tudip Technologies is one of the Best Companies to work for! We foster a culture of transparency and ownership in the collective conduct. We as an organization create a positive working environment for all the employees which makes them feel valued and special.

We invest in our employees that we hire, and we treat them as assets for the company and not as a resource. We give necessary training to the freshers and mould them for a better tomorrow by making them competent. We at Tudip Technologies with an employee-first credo, we always listen to our employees and pledge to keep them motivated.  On the other hand, we believe that Tudipains should get a chance to speak and discuss things freely and hence we have fourth Saturday of every month as Improvement Day. We all come together and have discussions based on projects and discuss the areas of improvements.  Post that, we all enjoy, dance, sing and relish snacks together. We work hard and party harder. Apart from the improvement day on every 4th Saturday, we go out every year on the foundation day of our company and every year we have a new year party where we usually appreciate all our assets for the hard work and felicitate them in front of their loved ones. Not just that we have all our HR policies pointing towards betterment of the employees and to enhance their skill sets. Unlike other companies with one appraisal cycle, we at Tudip offer two appraisal cycles for our engineering team, which is a great source of motivation to perform better. Besides, quarterly bonuses to eligible employees, insurance policies, employee stock options for those completing two years, paid maternity leave, honeymoon bonus (for married employees & their partner), and many more benefits are entailed in Tudip’s HR policy. Moreover, our employees can engage themselves over lunch on Saturdays, recreational events, festivals, anniversaries, birthdays and other events as one big family.

We are “One Tudip family” and all of us stand for each other and why not stand by each other’s side during such tough times? So we conducted a half yearly appraisal cycle for all the performers and we wrapped up this appraisal cycle in May 2020. Our core principals being, Integrity, Innovation and Serenity we believe in betterment of our employees and work hard to get the smiles back on their faces and make Tudip a Better place to work! We are hiring the best talents even during such tough times and training them virtually as we believe in them and their skills which will lead them to a better tomorrow and help us also to expand and achieve great heights.

At Tudip Technologies, just not believe in mere appreciation and feedback, we offer our employees with regular training sessions on diverse software related topics to keep them abreast of the latest software.  One of the distinguishing aspects of our organization is that almost 60 percent of the employees have completed a lot of certification courses, while others are encouraged to register for online courses on Udemy. Knowledge sharing is our other forte wherein mentoring, trust, rewards, good collaboration tools, regular emails, and quarterly newsletters keep every Tudipian updated with emerging industry trends.

We at Tudip conduct quarterly feedback and understand the areas of improvement and keep asking for genuine feedback from our dear Tudipains.

Here are some of our employees’ voice,

We all know that these are tough times, not only for India, but for the entire world as this pandemic has not only changed the lifestyle of the bureaucrats, but it also has changed the lifestyle of the mango man.

But apart from that, the economy of the world has literally suffered and flattered which has led to major job loss, pay cuts around the Globe and it gives me immense pleasure to let the world know that I am part of such an organisation which not only has zero layoffs, instead, they are hiring aspiring talents and budding engineers to solidify their foundation.

I feel excited when I see the same amount being credited in my salary account in this pandemic, which I used to receive in the normal days. Our company has adopted the new normal and yes, I am highly obliged to be a part of the organisation.” – by Surya

I am so excited to share my wonderful journey with Tudip Technology as they are like a family to me and basis my 1 year work experience with Tudip,. I have learned a lot of things about project work, how to communicate with clients, time management, discipline and many more things.

As we all know across all over the world many IT employees have been laid off also many companies are not hiring any employee due to COVID-19 pandemic but the best part about Tudip is that this company takes care of all the employees and allow all Tudip employees to work from home as for them safety of their employees is must and keeping them happy by paying full salaries

Nowadays many companies stopped hiring and started firing their employees but in Tudip they are still hiring new talents and providing them virtual training which is great support for those who are actually talented but lost their jobs during COVID-19. 

If we talk about work culture in Tudip then I personally believe that here you can learn a lot of things  and grow in your desired field.” – by Manoranjan

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