Why Doesn’t Your Business Rank In Local Search?

Why Doesn’t Your Business Rank In Local Search?

04 May 2022

Why Doesn't Your Business Rank In Local Search
You have your own business, and things are going swimmingly. Word of mouth has spread throughout the neighbourhood quickly, thanks to how great you make everyone feel there. People love coming back for more. Your employees work hard each day, too; it’s nice seeing such commitment come through well with successful results. But alas, there seems trouble afoot. What are you doing to make sure people can find your business online? We know it’s difficult these days with all the noise on social media, but there’s hope.

You might be wondering, “What does SEO even mean?” or ‘how do I start optimizing my site for search engines?’ We’re here with answers to all those questions and more! SEO is the process of making your website rank better on Google. Google Map SEO is important for better visibility of your brand!

Why Doesn’t Your Business Rank In Local Search?

A lousy ranking can be frustrating, especially when people are looking for your business. You might think that there’s something wrong with the way it looks or what they need to fix, but often this is just a matter of getting found by more targeted users who have been browsing around town and not finding their needs met yet – which means potential customers. Here are some reasons why you cannot find any customers online.

You Haven’t Told Google You’re a Business

The first thing you need to do is create or claim your listing on Google My Business (GMB). GMB puts the world’s largest search engine in touch with all of its information about what makes up a particular business, which means they can provide more accurate results when someone searches online. It also allows them to be ranked higher than other businesses that don’t have this service- it’s completely free! You can list your hours, website, and address in Google My Business so that people who are looking for you online will be able to find it. When they enter their location into the platform, an automated direction service is automatically provided! Using the “Google My Business” feature, you can control how your Google Reviews are displayed by using the “Google My Business” feature. You will often see this information box on the right sidebar when searching for a particular keyword or phrase in mind, which is powered through their Knowledge Graph service.

Your Site is Poorly Optimized for Search Engines

Search engine optimization involves a lot of different factors, but one-way sites can be poorly optimized for search loading very slowly. A good rule-of-thumb would be that an optimized website shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds to load, and if it does, then there are some things you should check out! The bounce rate measures how people interacting with your website decide to leave. When they find an answer that satisfies their search, you don’t want them going back onto Google or clicking away because it takes too long for those results’ pages to load! You have to think about many complicated things when it comes time for SEO. You need excellent load speed and great content, but that’s not all! Not only does Google look at what is written on your webpages – but they also factor in other ranking signals like meta descriptions or Alt tags and their opinion towards the relevance level (or lack thereof)of any given webpage within an entire site.

You’re Searching Competitive Keyword Phrases

Search engines don’t always capture all the content on your site, so you need to ensure that what’s being said about You online is consistent with whom YOU want people searching for. It’s not just you. There are likely other businesses in your area competing with the exact keywords and phrases on SERPs, so take a look at what they’re doing to stay ahead of the competition! The Keyword Planner is a tool in Google Ads that gives you information about how to rank for your keywords. It provides data such as the average competition, what searches match up with closely related phrases, and their difficulty level based on internationally recognized SEO standards.

You’re Not Utilizing Paid Advertising

The Google Ads platform is a great way to get your message and connect with potential customers. You can be assured that Google will take whatever money you offer them, whether $0 or 100 dollars per click (PPC). This means they have plenty of perks for advertisers, such as giving prominent placement on search engine results pages, which are otherwise reserved only by people dipping into their wallets! Newer businesses often don’t have enough credit on the SERPs to get served up naturally (or “organically”). You must wait out this phase, play the SEO game and even need a little boost with paid advertising if your business is struggling in organic rankings.

You’re Not Active on Social Media

You can’t get ahead without social media. Your business has no chance of ranking on Google’s SERP rankings list if it doesn’t have an active, well-maintained Instagram and Facebook account! The best way to use these platforms for promotion? Posting content that is both engaging AND informative will give you all the SEO mojo your brand needs in order not only to rank higher but also to collect more leads from potential customers who are searching online at any given time.

Your Reviews are Bad Or Non-existent

Reviews are the best way to get your business seen by people who may not have heard of you before. They can also help with ranking in organic searches, so all reviews for local businesses must show up on Google Maps or other mapping apps when someone searches terms related to where they live! You can increase customer loyalty by encouraging visitors to leave a Google+ rating, or you could go old-fashioned and have them write reviews and feedback online.

You Have No Authority from Backlinks

Backlinks are like golden tickets that let you into someone’s website. They’re the best kind of link because they come from people who know what makes your site great, and when other sites mention them by highlighting their content with an underlined blue hyperlink pointing back to yours, guess who gets ranked higher? That’s right; search engines will think all users in this niche have access to information on our topic! You can make your website more trustworthy by adding a testimonial page! This will add to the industry’s opinion of you and show that others have had good experiences with their work. It’s time to shine! Informative content will get you backlinks naturally, but knowing where your best efforts are taking place is half the battle. Use pre-existing relationships and always foster new ones online if you want better Google search rankings for today’s perfect SEO strategy.

You Don’t Even Know What a Citation Is

Suppose you want your business to have an opportunity for success in today’s digital age. In that case, it needs online citations indexed by Google or Bing, which will help bring awareness about what they offer and increase traffic! Indexing can be a complicated process, but one of the essential parts is listed on search engines. Citations are an essential part of building credibility on the web. They help you show users and search engines that your content is relevant across multiple platforms, which increases their trustworthiness!

Final Take

With local SEO, companies can improve the rankings of their websites in Google’s search results. Using the right keywords in your content can rank higher on Google. This will help paint a cohesive story about what kind of business this is and make it easier for potential customers or clients to find where they need service! Potential customers often see local listings before they visit a website and make up part of how people find out about new businesses online today. So any business needs to invest time into getting high scores on this measure!

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