Why is Software Maintenance and Smart Support Important?

Why is Software Maintenance and Smart Support Important?



09 July 2020

Any software has an ongoing lifecycle that starts and stops whenever needed. It does not begin at coding and end at delivery. However, a good portion of work does go into the launch. Software lives in a dynamic world, where they are ever changing with the slightest change in technology. It is important to keep monitoring and maintaining the software as they adapt to the new changes.

Software maintainability in Software Engineering focuses on ensuring the ease of managing and modifying software systems over time. A software may require maintenance for a lot of reasons like to keep it running, to enhance features, to migrate to the cloud, to rework changes and so on. Irrespective of the reason it plays an important role in the success of your business. Software maintenance is much more than just finding bugs and fixing them, it keeps the heart of your business up and beating. We at Tudip Technologies understand this requirement perfectly and provide four types of software maintenance and smart support as per your requirements.

Types of Software Maintenance

Adaptive Maintenance and Support:

Adaptive software maintenance is crucial when there is a change in the environment of the software. This change can be a result of changes happening within the operating system, software dependencies, cloud storage etc. Adaptive maintenance and support takes care of these changes by updating the services, making modifications, bringing about changes in the payment processors and all the other changes which come under necessary adaptive software maintenance.

Perfective Maintenance and Support:

The focus of perfective software maintenance and support is on the evolution of the requirements that are present in the systems. As the users interact with the application, they may come across many things which can be added to the application or software. These could easily be future projects or enhancements. The perfective software maintenance approach takes care of adding features which will result in a smooth user experience as well as removing features which are not effective or functional.

Corrective Maintenance and Support:

Correct software maintenance takes care of the errors and faults within software applications which could affect different aspects of your application software like from the design to the code. These corrections are identified from the bug reports or customer escalations. Corrective maintenance approach helps in identifying the bugs before the customers which helps in sustaining and increasing the goodwill in the market.

Predictive Maintenance and Support:

This approach focuses on preventing the deterioration of your software as it adapts to change. Activities like optimizing code, updating documentation as per requirements come under this approach. Preventive software maintenance helps in reducing the risk associated with operating software for a long time, helping it to become more understandable, maintainable as well as stable.

Why Tudip Technologies? 

Tudip Technologies has served clients from a wide variety of industries which include education, agriculture, entertainment, health and so on. We understand the different requirements of the clients from different industries and can also foresee the issues which can affect the software. With Tudip Technologies you get the whole package of a dedicated team which includes:

  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • Scheduled Network Maintenance
  • Email as well as chat support in different languages
  • Unrestricted Hardware support
  • Security Maintenance
  • Spam/Virus protection
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring

We at Tudip believe in providing top notch services which help in boosting the brand value of our clients. Our agility and technological agnosticism helps our clients as well as us to dive into newer depth of technologies with precision.  Tudip Technologies provides you solutions which are cost effective, flexible and customisable. Timely and end to end support is something which makes us dependable and helps us in acquiring our most valuable assets – Our Happy Clients.

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