Why We Should Use AngularJS for Web App Development

Why We Should Use AngularJS for Web App Development

23 May 2022


AngularJS is a familiar name in today’s tech world. In fact, many developers prefer this web development framework because it is faster and more compatible compared with older frameworks.

As a sturdy open-source development framework, it also resolves other problems related to web development, making front-end development more convenient. There are many more reasons to pick AngularJS when selecting a web application development framework.

In this post, we will briefly explain the most important ones, but first, let’s look at some well-known companies that use AngularJS.

Popular Companies Using AngularJS – and Why They Do

Some of the biggest companies that are using Angular include:

  • Nike
  • YoutubeTV
  • PayPal
  • Xbox
  • Microsoft Office
  • Forbes

Each of the abovementioned wanted a web application that could scale with their business growth and meet the growing needs of their client base. So they chose AngularJS to build different, fully functioning web applications and their components, such as forums and listings.

Major Advantages of AngularJS in Web App Development

Here are the top reasons to choose AngularJS for your web development project:

  • It is More Convenient

    AngularJS is based on the MVC architecture, which means it doesn’t require working on the getter and setter functions. This reduces a lot of effort and makes it easier to use for developers. Users can load external scripts dynamically with the help of Script src.

  • Extensive Testing Capabilities

    This platform allows users to test their apps quickly while also providing unit and end-to-end testing. It also comes with Spring boot along with other helpful features if you want to monitor the creation of different components for your web application.

    Dependency injection is another notable feature that helps with dependencies, besides which, you can try other research features. This helps you save significant amounts of time and money with AngularJS because you don’t have to depend on third-party apps for various testing features.

  • You Can Reuse the Code

    This is an excellent advantage that also enables businesses to save plenty of resources. AngularJS helps developers create efficient, robust code they can reuse when duplicating or reusing similar functions. This ensures a faster development process and keeps code from getting unnecessarily long.

    Developers also find it easier to customize such code as they only have to make the modifications they need. This allows them to take the least possible time to build your project.

    Additionally, they get to work on an improved user interface that plays a big role in creating an engaging user experience within the application. Repeating HTML code sets only requires NG repeat, which also simplifies things.

  • Large Support Network

    AngularJS possesses a vast community of experienced developers who are always there to help each other. Many of them have become experts after several years of working on this framework.

    They can help you resolve the most complicated problems related to AngularJS usage since they have already overcome the issues you may currently face regarding web app development. Therefore, using this web development framework allows you to achieve rapid development since you are part of a community that can answer your queries extremely quickly.

    You can also manage data values and validation information through form controls in AngularJS.

  • Bi-Directional Data Binding

    Bi-directional or two-way data binding is a convenient way to switch between the architecture model and view. It has other benefits as well, such as enabling proper integration among the DOM and model.

    If a developer maps some changes on the user interface, they will also show in the app interface because of this feature. This is how they can observe the changes occurring on the app interface as they change the code. These advantages increase the popularity of AngularJS among web development companies.

  • It Uses MVC and MVVM Architecture

    The MVC or Model Component View architecture provides a platform to build dynamic, interactive web applications. It splits apps and allows for testing separate from the users.

    Programmers can even divide their work so one can work on the app’s business logic while the other works on the view. So most developers consider the MVC architecture as the main module for web app development.

    The MVVM or Model-View-View-Model architecture‌ simplifies separate unit testing and makes code event-driven. It separates the application into three sections for three tasks, namely viewing information, managing it, and maintaining the link between the model and the view.

    AngularJS uses both‌, saving a lot of time and speeding up project delivery.

  • Great for Enterprise-Scale Web Apps

    Businesses operating in many countries need web applications that can match their large-scale requirements. An AngularJS development company can achieve this since it uses robust codes and databases.

    For these apps to be effective, they must adhere to the essential guidelines, serve the needs of users, be business-oriented and be customizable. These requirements make AngularJS the perfect web app development framework for this purpose. It ensures the app is easy to maintain, scalable, and secure.

    Its TypeScript transcription makes it ideal for meeting goals. Other standout functions that prove useful include Autocomplete and enhanced navigation.

  • Superb Performance

    Development companies can almost guarantee high performance even as they keep adding new features to their web applications for better engagement. This is because of the important functions this framework offers, such as form validation, data binding, directives, and routing.

    These and more help developers build stable and resilient applications in a comparatively short amount of time.

  • SPA-Compatible

    A Single-page application or SPA works well for rapid website transitions. It looks and works the same as a native app, interacting with a browser and changing the information on the present web page.

    There are many other benefits of building SPAs, including cross-platform compatibility, quick page-loading, convenient maintenance, and an attractive user interface.

  • Google Also Helps

    Google provides a lot of support since it built its own apps on the AngularJS architecture. It also gives the option to auto-upgrade as soon as they roll one out. This has led to the framework gaining huge credibility, especially since anyone can seek support from the massive developer community anytime.

To Conclude

Businesses are quickly understanding the growing importance of having an online presence and are therefore opting for websites of their own. A well-made web application from an experienced AngularJS development company can give them a much-needed boost.

Now that you are aware of the top benefits of choosing AngularJS for web development, you can determine whether it is suitable for your project. Let us know if you’re looking to hire AngularJS developers.

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