Google Cloud Workshop

Google Cloud Workshop


Saturday 28 July 2018 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Since past couple of years, tech industry had been abuzz with the new age Google Cloud and it’s AI capabilities that are integral to Google Cloud. Ever wanted to do a workshop to bootstrap your initial learning? Your prayers are answered!

What all would be covered?

This Google Cloud Workshop will include keynote, Qwiklabs and discussions from Google Next 2018.

We’ll be using a Google tool called “Qwiklabs” as our learning platform for this Google Next Extended event. It will cover Machine Learning, with these 2 labs:

  • Cloud ML Engine: Qwik Start
  • Cloud Natural Language API: Qwik Start


Saturday, 28th of July 2018 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM .


Tudip Technologies’ Office in Pune. Click here to locate our office..

Who can join?

Anyone!. If you know at least one server-side language and one database and have some understanding of server-side concepts, you can pick up cloud platform really quickly.

How to register?

Simple, to register, use this meet up link !

Well, who all are involved?

Pune Developer Community along with Google Cloud Next ’18 Extended is organizing this workshop at Tudip Technologies’ premises.

And remember…

  • It is free and open to all workshop!
  • Please bring in your laptops (we shall arrange an open network for you), as it is a hands-on workshop.
  • Snacks and Merchandise would be sponsored by Google.
  • Please note all these Qwik labs would be provided for free of charge by Google.

So welcome! Let’s learn and lets rock!

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