Fibo Academy


  • The Fibo Academy application has 3 sub-domians which are used as the learning platforms for the students to make the art masterpiece and allow parents to track their progress.
  • The three sub-domains are
    • Student App:
      • The Student App UI has to be responsive to work on the tablets which are used in the art classes.
      • The App should be user-friendly and easy to understand to be able to use by the kids.
      • The App should keep the track of information of projects which are done by students.
    • Staff App:
      • The Fibo Academy Staff App is used by the admin as well as by the staff members of the Fibo Academy. The user with the admin role should have access to all the management stuff such as schedule the staff member, creating, modifying and deleting the user accounts of student, staff and families.
      • The admin can add and edit the syllabus for students which students can view on the Student App.
      • The staff members can view their schedule and log their working hours.
    • Parents App:
      • The parents can use the Parent App to register their children in the classes and make the payments online.
      • The App should display all the necessary information for the classes and should apply the applicable discounts while making the payments.
  • The application has backend built in dotNet.
  • It provides the REST APIs which is used by all the three sub-domains.
  • The application used SQL for database operations. The fronted for all the three domains is written in the AngularJS.
  • An Android application is built which points to the Student App so that it should be easily used by the students and staff.
  • We have implemented the functionality for taking the pictures of the projects completed by the students and view them in the gallery. Also, an email is being sent to the parents with each completed project telling the progress of their child.
  • We are implementing the new App for school teachers to take the photos of the student’s projects and keep the track of the progress.
  • Student App, Staff App and Parents App together make it possible to easily manage the schedules, projects of students while keeping track of all the activities.
  • Student App makes it fun to learn the Art projects and take the photos of their artwork. It also keeps track of their progress and attendance.
  • Staff App makes it possible to manage all the class schedules, generating reports and update all the necessary details of students and their progress.
  • Parent App provides all the details for the class schedules and parents can easily enroll their children in the course which suits them.