Speak 'N Cook

Speek N Cook

  • The challenge in Speak ‘N Cook was to implement application that would help users to search and cook recipes through voice commands step by step. There are two roles, one is Admin and the other is End User
  • We overcome with a Voice Command implementation by using different packages of React-Native for different Recipe Step
  • The User can search recipes and cook recipes by giving different voice command like Read, Next, Pause, Resume and Repeat
  • We have successfully uploaded the app on the app store. The user can download the app from the app store and can use the app for cooking different recipes by giving a voice command step by step.
  • The user and admin can even upload the recipes with all the steps and description and even can upload images of every particular recipes and ingredient.
  • The admin can visible/invisible recipes, activate/deactivate user and can even edit the user.
  • The admin can view the reports of users and recipes and can also view the feedback of all the user.
  • The admin can add different cuisines with the description.
  • URLs: